moes thermostat

  1. B

    Swapping mechanical to digital thermostat

    Morning all, and merry Christmas. I am looking to replace my old sangamo choice rstat1 with a moes but-002 go. A bit of back ground. Downstairs we have water underfloor heating upstairs there are radiators. I have 4 room stats downstairs and leave the boiler on all. The time and control the...
  2. kinning

    MOES WiFi Smart Thermostat, replacing a on/off switch

    Hi hope someone can help, I have read and got a lot of answers in the past, but couldn't sort this. I've purchased "MOES WiFi Smart Thermostat" from amazon, and need it t replace a simple on/off switch that controls the boiler. Pics below of inside the current switch. Wiring diagram for the new...
  3. Justin Bodley

    Moes Smart Central Heating Thermostat

    Hi Guys, I'm looking at replacing my Drayton Combi Stat with a Moes smart thermostat. (The GC model for central heating boilers) As you can see from the pics, I only have 3 wires going to the existing thermostat. The Moes needs 4. I'm pretty sure what to do here with a bit of research, however...