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    is it possible to move a soil pipe to an outside wall

    I’m looking at the possibility of moving a internal soil pipe outside. The soil pipe services an en-suite upstairs wc, shower and basin. Downstairs it services a shower which I intend to remove. The existing pipe runs down the middle of the house and out to an inspection chamber which is...
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    Mains water pipe in slightly the wrong place

    Hi, I have my mains pipe coming into the side of my house. I am going to have the adjacent wall studded out and therefore want to hide the mains pipe behind it and put on a low profile stop tap. My question is that it is approx 10” further along the wall than needed. Is it ok to make a channel...
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    Plasterboard carriers - are they ok?

    Any recommendations? Screwfix do a roughneck but it's only 165mm wide, which isn't very generous considering the weight of a single sheet. I have to shift some 12.5mm plasterboard on my own. Thank y'all kindly. Dain
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    Meter move - is it writ in stone that homeowner needs his/her own electrician on the day?

    It is not the case that the homeowner needs their own electrician present on the the day that the team arrive to relocate the meter. It appears that there is a certain discretion allowable.
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    Moving internal door - does the new need to comply with recent fire regs?

    Would the fire resistance of the new door need to be in line with current requirements? Existing doors are all stained and waxed 6 panel pine, so it would look a bit odd to have a modern fire door there. Thank y'all kindly. Dain
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    Electicity meter move - what size hole in wall?

    The meter is moving from a car port to the front of the house. The gas people want a 38mm hole & duct thru the wall (the standard off-the-shelf plastic waste water pipe). WPD (electricity infrastructure) say that it's for my supplier to stipulate what size hole is required for the meter tails...
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    Positioning of new meter cabinets and their proximity to each other.

    Does anyone know what the positional requirements are for meter cabinets (I need to move both gas and electricity meters) and how close the cabs can be to one another? Am hoping to use wall mounted. Thanks Dain.