1. Hammy193

    Help wiring Smart thermostat (Myson MPRT - Tado)

    I need some assistance understanding which wire from my current thermostat Myson MPRT which has two wires. There are no labels on this thermostat and I'm supposed to put the wires in the COM and NO connections. The MPRT instructions are no help either...
  2. A

    Gas consumption really high?

    Hey! We moved into our new house 6 months ago and over the past month we've noticed our bills seem to be really high. Since moving in we've used approx 1116m3 gas. Our electric seems quite high as well but I was expecting that with an electric shower & hob. I'm not sure if there is an issue and...
  3. Niall70

    24v myson ufh with nest thermostat

    Hi guys have 24v myson ufh manifold system set up with 2 zone with actuators. I want to control the zones with nest thermostats I have a cat 5 at the thermostat so that sides all good but I want to know what I need to run from the nest junction box to the manifold. Can anyone help? Cheers
  4. B

    Downstairs heating turning itself on, upstairs fine?

    Problem: Downstairs radiators keep coming on by themselves, even when thermostat/programmer would indicate CH either shouldn't be on at current temp/time or programmer is deactivated but CH still comes on. Upstairs rads function at the correct time/temp as per the programmer. Tried so far...
  5. Branflake98

    Nest Thermostat E Installation

    Hi, I plan on installing a Nest Thermostat E with Heat Link to my property however can’t seem to match up the wiring on the apps instructions. The property was built last year and has air source heating installed, I have, in the cupboard some sort of tank with a Daikin control panel. I have...
  6. Plummbob

    Myson MPE322 spring return issue

    Hi My actuator is getting stuck on in the central heating position. This seems to happen when there is a demand for water heating at the same time - eventually the house warms up, the water never gets heated (as all the flow is to the central heating circuit) and so the central heating...
  7. S

    Hydronic plinth heater advice

    Hi, It's another hydronic plinth heater question. We are having our kitchen redone - it's a kitchen diner that goes the full length of the house, so fairly big. There is only one radiator at the diner end, so the kitchen tends to get a little nippy. So, we thought, why not put a hydronic...
  8. D

    Thermostat and Boiler not communicating

    Hi, Over the past couple of days I have noticed there seems to be an issue with my central heating. The boiler appears to be working normally, it is firing up heating up the hot water but it isn't consistently firing up for the central heating. I think the issue is something to do with the...
  9. C

    Hydronic Plinth Heaters - Recommendations please?

    Hi all, Im looking to fit a hydronic plinth heater under my stairs to warm up my dining room (underfloor heating is not strong enough to make the room warm) but cant choose between Myson or Smiths (or another). The SS9 or the Myson 800H seem ideal for heat output and roughly the same (though...
  10. S

    Myson Velaire 90/110 Advice needed

    I just bought a house which I'm not moving into yet and the boiler is a Myson Velaire 90/110 Pressure Jet oil boiler. It still works fine but I reckon it's about 20-30 years old and will need to be changed in due course. I need to drain down the water for winter (can't have it running on low...
  11. I

    Myson Velaire requires Resetting Every other day

    Hi All, I have recently moved into a new home we bought and I inherited an oil boiler with it. I have previosly been used to very good gas boilers, and have never really had any boiler issues. Anyway so since turning the old thing on for the first time, we started to get a strong smell of...