nest 3rd generation thermostat

  1. D

    Lukewarm rads and constantly cycling boiler

    Hi, we’ve got the vaillant ecoFit Sustain. Flow temp is set at 65. CH is calling for heat as per the NEST thermostat, but boiler gets to 41 and then starts to cycle and temp cools down. Rads only getting lukewarm. We did have the sensocomfort thermostat with the weather compensator probe...
  2. aksp

    Replace Drayton LP522 & Honeywell DT90 with Nest

    Hello there. I am looking for some help with my switch from my current setup of Drayton LP522 and Honeywell DT90 to Nest 3rd gen thermostat. I have followed prevoius posts and tried to replace lp522 with Nest HeatLink. Here is a look at my lp522 And here is a look at the hairy junction box...
  3. R

    Replacing Honeywell ST9420C and Wireless Thermostat with Google Nest

    UPDATE: Now resolved this myself, thanks to earlier post by Muggles. I just forgot to put the additional live connections to T2 and T5. Silly mistake on my part but all working fine now. Hello I’ve just bought a Google Nest Learning Thermostat v3 to replace our old setup. Sorry, I know there...
  4. A

    Replacing current thermostats to Nest 3rd gen thermostats

    Hi I would like to change my current thermostats to google nest thermostats. This is my current thermostat and inside I don't know if it is relevant but my boiler is Logic Combi ESP i35 boiler and it is dual-zone. I found where are my motorised valves, however, I'm not sure what to do...