noisy pipes

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    Running pipe INSIDE floorboard?

    I need to run central heating pipe horizontally under the floorboards of an upper floor. I need to go through only one 75mm wide beam, but I'm wary of boring or notching it, also because that would be quite close to the wall bearing the beam. So I thought of running an 8mm or 10mm pipe...
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    Large change in water pressure and whining/humming pipes

    Hi, I've noticed that over the past few months that when the water pressure reads at around 0.5, when the heating (gas central heating) comes on the pressure changes to about 2. Is that a normal jump in the reading? I dont remember tracking it before, so I'm not sure how long its been that...
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    Air stuck in central heating system

    I have air stuck in my hot water system which is characterised by a loud humming/vibrating noise coming from my hot water pump every 10-15 mins for about 3-4 mins at a time (presumeably as the pocket of air cycles around the system and hits the pump). I have tried bleeding all the radiators in...
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    How hard is it to replace ballvalve in toilet?

    Hi, I'm inexperienced with plumbing but keen to give it a go... also female so don't have man strength or many tools, but have a few! My toilet makes loud foghorn pipe noises after flushing that is resolved when I lift up the ballcock arm. I think the washer may need replacing (after googling...