old wiring

  1. Tadaz

    Older wiring to new 2-gang 2-way and 1-gang 2-way smart switches

    Hi guys I am trying to replace my old 2-gang 2-way and 1-gang 2-way switches with the new smart ones. Could anyone please help me to achieve it? I tried to draw a little scheme for you to understand the situation better. And here are the photos of the switches and their wirings. 1-gang...
  2. Grahamandcharlie

    New ceiling light with existing dimmer

    Hi. Not sure if this has been posted before but can't find the answer. I took my old ceiling light down but like an idiot didn't take note of where the wires would fit into the new light. It has a dimmer so there are 2 sets of 3 wires in the hole in the ceiling, red, black and green. No rose...
  3. C

    New copper light fitting to old wiring (no earth)

    Hi all First time attempting to replace a light fitting. I have unscrewed the current metallic light fitting only to find what appears to be old wiring with the earth not actually connected to anything? The new light I have is copper and the instructions state in bold that this light must be...
  4. Tadaz

    Older wiring to a new 2-gang smart switch

    We came to live in a new place which was built in around 1960 but this place has an extension which was finished to build a couple of years ago. This extension has a living room with a 2-gang switch. I purchased a 2-gang smart switch that needs neutral wire. From the colouring of the wires, I...
  5. S

    Borrowing an earth

    Putting back an old metal wall sconce on a middle landing, that had been knocked loose, I made a point of connecting an earth (from the T&E) which didn't seem to have ever been connected. This made me a little unsure about the earthing of the circuit in general, and tracing the T&E back to a...
  6. S

    First Timer.... be gentle - switched wiring problem ;-)

    Hi, First off, a great forum a great source of info. I have searched and read various threads but nothing helps in my situation, so I have posted this problem. I would really be grateful if someone can help me through this. First, everything is on old wiring, black and red, we also have an old...
  7. A

    Adding 2 double sockets and wall lights from existing socket ring

    Morning all, I have started work on a master bedroom as we are having it completely re plastered, prior to this I wish to add two new double sockets and 2 wall likes off of an existing ring. Currently as per attached diagram I have one single socket which has 2 feeds in/out of it so 2 lots of...