1. C

    Did emulsion paint ever contain lead?

    I’ve just stripped the wallpaper off my bedroom, and there is a layer of old yellow emulsion paint The house was built in the 1950s, and I was wondering if emulsion ever contained lead.
  2. barnsley7

    repairing old creaky stair treads

    I want to repair an old creaky staircase for a friend on a small budget. it's an old house and taking out the existing staircase or treads are not an option. So can I just place a piece of hardwood or plywood straight on top of each existing tread. There will be a carpet going on top with...
  3. T

    Old dead chimney

    Hi guys, I have an old dead and unused chimney in a renovation property, the stach has been removed to below the roof into the attic space and currently not capped, further down the chimneys that it served have all been fully bricked up as in not just the cave but the full depth of the...
  4. S

    Retrofitting membrane and insulation into old roof

    Hi All, Apologies if this is roof construction 101. I recently bought an old house and the garage has zero roof insulation. The roof consists of the timber frames, battens, nails & tiles. I would like to add a membrane and insulation without dismantling or redoing any of the existing roof...
  5. eveares

    Unusual Electrical Stuff

    First, a old plug that I got with a Nikon Labophot 2A microscope. As seen from the picture below, the pins on it are stamped/pressed! Has anyone seen this before, and did it comply with BS1363 when it was made? The plug is a two part sealed and non serviceable hard plastic plug. (Yes I cleaned...
  6. eveares

    Chance of this mess being live?

    At the health club I go to (the same one with the odd looking IP CAM), outside the main entrance what backs on to a main road, there is this electrical mess. I am wondering if it is still live and being used to turn on the surrounding bollard/sign lights at dusk, or whether it has been left...
  7. B

    No record of planning or building regs before 2001

    I am looking to buy a 1860s house that has had work done to it at some point prior to the current owner moving in. The current owner bought the house in 2006, without any record of planning or building regs. I have contacted the council and they have no record either, but that their records only...
  8. oursurveysaid

    Soil in Mortar Joints

    My old 1880s victorian terrace has the usual rear addition kitchen with bathroom above. The London stock bricks have been painted about halfway up the wall by previous owners. They used a non-breathable paint, so the solid walls are cold and damp. Plaster work inside has blown and the kitchen...
  9. A

    Oak frame insulation

    I've just taken the 1970's ceiling down in our 1780's cottage... it was quite shabby and the insulation above was old mattresses and sofa cushions! So we're now wondering how to reinstate the ceiling without disturbing the breathability of the room... if anyone has any thoughts I'm all ears...
  10. T

    uPVC question

    HI Guys, i've been searching the internet for answers but i've accepted defeat :? and would like to ask you guys a couple of questions. :o. i've recently bought a flat but have noticed a problem with draught. the flat is less then 10 years old and the draught is from the uPVC windows and...