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    Correct Connections For Honeywell G4 and Elmdene Rapier G3S - SOLVED

    Hi, I wonder if I can call on you guys to help a newbie. I'm attempting to upgrade my alarm sounder since the xenon has now failed on my old unit. I am using the Optima Compact GEN4 and trying to connect a Elmdene Rapier G3S. I seem to have most of it working with the exception of the...
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    Optima g3 tamper loop out advice

    We have a accenta /optima alarm. The tamper kept going off. We have removed the wires for the bell box tamper and put a loop in. The alarm seems to be functioning ok but the leds on the bell box are not flashing. So from the outside looks like its not working. Queation is...can i leave the t...