outside light

  1. U

    Does an outside light need to be on it's own circuit breaker?

    Hi all, I want to put a couple of outside lights in (flanking the patio doors) that come on when we walk out at night. I just wondered if I can just use the feed from the lighting ring or whether I need to put them on their own breaker ? (I was just thinking that, because they are outside...
  2. Smileysmile1

    Outside lantern stays on?

    Briefly, just fitted a outside lantern for my aunt. Replaced the shoddy one which hadn't been working for years. Turned off the mains as the cable goes to a junction box and then main box. Connected L, N and earth. Secured the lantern then put the main electric back. Light bulb lit up but...
  3. C

    Wiring switch for 2 way light and outside light

    Hi all, Most of the light switches in the house where there is more than one switch operate not how you would expect, as in the switch nearest to the light should control it so I started to fix these yesterday. The utility has a pair of switches. Unfortunately I got distracted when changing...
  4. R

    Surface mounting cable for outside light

    Hi chaps, I have a defunct outside light. The mains supply goes through the wall to an exterior metal junction box, then by buried armour cable to the light at the bottom of my garden. I want to replace this with a wall mounted light, a few feet above the current external junction box. 1) Can I...
  5. G

    Outside Light with PIR and manual switched override - new unit?

    Hi, New to the forums. Trying, and failing, to find a simple direct-equivalent replacement for an old outside light, with a PIR, that also has a manual switched override. So when switch is "off" then light is controlled by PIR, and when switch is "on" then light is permanently on. The PIR...
  6. U

    How to add a PIR outside light?

    Hi there, I have an outside light that lights via a PIR. Due to it's location we don't get any of the light on the front door. I thought about mounting another PIR light and feeding it from the existing lights supply. (see photo). The existing light is mounted on the outside wall of a...
  7. eveares

    Is this light suitable for outside use?

    This: https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/SMSL3DG.html It is IP65 rated so should be suitable for outside use, but it is under the "Indoor Lighting > LED Wall & Step Lights" section of TLC's site and the manual says: "IP65 Rated suitable for restricted external applications". What is meant...
  8. Z

    2 gang light switch to operate two outside lights seperatly

    Hi All, Apologies if this already on the Wiki.... On my outside lights I have two 1 gang switches fed from the ceiling rose (one for the outside toilet, and one for the rear garden light) What I want to do is change the garden light 1 gang switch for a 2 gang switch where the left one would...
  9. A

    Adding an outside light

    I have a (hopefully) simple question. In my lounge, I have a single light, controlled by two light switches (each switch at opposite ends of the room). Now, I want to add an outside light, and for it to be using the same power as the lighting in the lounge, as one of the lounge switches is on...