pan connector

  1. E

    Dripping toilet at pan connector - short term fix?

    Our toilet is leaking (dripping) at pan connector/waste pipe when flushed. We are getting a full bathroom refit in May so need a short term fix in the meantime - can I just use sealant or is there something else we can do in the meantime?
  2. C

    Hairspray/Hairgel for Pan connector to WC spigot?

    I plan to fit my first toilet in the next week or so and just studying the steps involved before I jump in. I've noticed in a number of videos that some form of lubrication is often recommended for the interface between the toilet spigot and pan connector to ensure a proper fit. Back in my...
  3. D

    Replace soil pipe

    Hi there, I'm installing a new toilet in upstairs bathroom, trying to connect the pan to the soil pipe and it looks like the soil pipe is cracking (it's probably 30+ years old at least). It's solvent welded in place, how best can I remove and replace? Thanks
  4. A

    Toilet pan connector

    I need to replace a toilet due to a cracked cistern. I notice the pan connector appears to be what looks like solvent weld type, correct me if I'm wrong. Can the same connector be used on the new toilet or is it best to replace the pan connector as I'm not sure I can find another toilet where...
  5. S

    Pan Connector + Extension OK to use?

    I'm considering buying a WC that has the spigot 215mm set back from the cistern edge, but my soil pipe comes through the floor, next to the wall. Therefore I will require a standard 90-deg pan connector (e.g. McAlpine CON8) + extension piece (e.g. McAlpine CON-EXT). Will this in any way impact...
  6. T

    Connect upstairs toilet to downstairs floor soil pipe

    I’m not a plumber firstly, but here goes. I’m doing a loft conversion, the new bathroom toilet is directly above the existing downstairs toilet. The plastic soil pipe in the downstairs concrete floor comes up about 9 inches from the wall. (I don’t want to take the soil pipe through an outside...
  7. S

    big offset pan conncetion issues! help would be great

    I have another one for you if youre willing So when I put together that assembly behind the jacks I forgot to fit a small extension collar to bring it to the height of the toilet outlet so now i have this I meant to fit this but forgot... beneath the branch connector behind the toilet seen...
  8. M

    Toilet cemented into clay pipe?

    Hi there. In the process of removing LOVELY pink WC. But it's cemented into clay pipe. What do I do here? The pipe is around 200mm wide so can't just cut it put a pan connector as they are 147mm. Should I keep the collar and cut away cement and cement the new pan connector in? I've got diamond...
  9. I

    McAlpine Pan Connectors Query

    Hi, I'm going to attempt installing a new back to wall toilet soon and was hoping someone could advise me if it is possible to Connect the McAlpine MacFit MAC-1 straight connector to the MAC-8 90 degree connector using the Linking connector MACLINK. MAC-1...
  10. robodelfy

    Toilet and soil pipe confusion...

    I'm at the final stages of plumbing in my bathroom, I'm a beginner. As you can see in the photo I have this space saving pan connector, then I have a length of 110mm pipe. I didn't really need this as I'll box it in, and I had black 110mm anyway. Is this the correct way to do it? Pan...
  11. robodelfy

    Pan connector confusion!

    I'm at the final stages of working our my bathroom plumbing and I'm confused about the toilet waste. I need to have the pan connector come out horizontally to connect to the soil pipe on the wall, is this ok? I hope my diagram below makes sens. The right angle pan connectors are only 240mm...