1. K

    Problem walls after removing bathroom tiles

    Currently renovating my bathroom, and while ripping the tiles out ( 2 layers of tiles) I noticed the internal walls are not the standard stud-work and plasterboard. They are very thin like a cardboard material down the middle so I have nothing to mechanically fix new plasterboard to. My initial...
  2. B

    Party fences

    Hi all, I share a boundary fence on my front drive with a neighbour, the fence was built by the previous owner of my property and I’ve been maintaining it but it has rotted beyond repair. I intend to replace it at my own expense as I know my neighbour will not contribute anything towards it ...
  3. A

    Studs on partition wall sticking out of plasterboard and causing shadows

    Hello, I’m currently in the process of redecorating a property I’ve had for less than 6 months and decided to tackle the lounge. One of the outside-facing walls has a partition made and after I’ve painted it white I’ve noticed that the studs behind seem to be pushing through and causing the...
  4. W

    Structural partition?

    We recently bought a circa 1870 semi and have noticed something that seems unusual to me. The horizontal internal walls in the below picture appear to be stud. There appears to be a beam and brick columns about 200mm below the wall to the left of the middle door but none to the wall on the right...
  5. Codemunkie

    No stud where I want a stud/partition wall to start

    I am building a stud wall to partition my open plan living room into a living room & hallway. The floor is concrete so I can fix the bottom plate to that and the ceiling joists are running opposite to the new wall so I can also fix the top plate to the joists. On the existing wall, there is no...
  6. K

    Studwall partition in garage

    I'm going to seperate the garage to create a utility room and was wondering if a stud wall can be used instead of block work? If so, what depth should the timbers be and what PIR board to use? I've seen Wickes stud work timbers are 89mm but PIR board is either 75mm or 100mm.
  7. J

    How to fix shower screen to stud wall

    Hi there I need some help I’m trying to fix a shower screen (the bath type) to a plasterboard wall with splash back but I haven’t got a clue what fixing to use, I was wondering if I could just silicone the bracket let it dry and then fit the shower screen but I just don’t trust it any...
  8. W

    Temporary partition - Living room to Bedroom and corridor

    Hi, Ive found a few threads on this subject, but none seem to really cover our situation. My grandparents are unwell and will be moving into our house. Currently we have a large downstairs living room which we would like to convert into a bedroom for them as they are unable to climb stairs...
  9. T

    Can you frame a partition wall on an uneven concrete floor?

    Hi All, I have a concrete floor which is pretty uneven, full of steep local dips and rises of more than 12mm, and far from level. I will be levelling it with latex or something, as it needs to be approaching SR1 for the floor covering. Some of the floor is newly laid (replacing excavated bit)...
  10. H

    Fire regulations - glass partition

    I'm looking for advice on fire regulations for a renovation project. Building: 3 story, end of terrace Victorian house. 3rd story is a loft conversion. An existing stud partition separates the entrance hallway from the living room (which is located at the front of the house). I'd like to...
  11. C

    Stud partition wall advice please?

    Hi All, I want to put a downstairs wall back in that has previously been taken out, to fill the 2.4m x 2.4m alcove space. After a bit of exploration and chipping out of plaster, I've found that the wall on one side is brick, the other is timber, the ceiling is a steel lintel, and the floor is...