patio door

  1. R

    Patio door sill and decking

    Hello, I would really appreciate any advice. I want to finish off this patio door installation properly (the builder has fecked off and won’t return my calls). The door has been installed on top of the internal timber frame. There is then a cavity, and a single brick foundation with concrete...
  2. S

    How to cover the cavity inside a patio door

    Hi all, Your help and guidance would really be appreciated. I have removed a wooden plank that sat up against the door frame between that and my flooring inside my patio door (is this called threshold?) and found that who ever originally installed it made a bit of a mess. I hasten to add this...
  3. S

    Double glaze door in summerhouse.

    Hi All I am building a summer house and have bought a some secondhand double glazed patio doors. The frame of the summerhouse is made of 4X2 (95mm x 45mm) on the outside it has 11mm osb sheathing, tyvek, 25mm batten and finished off with 16mm (finished) cladding. On the inside will jut be 16mm...
  4. R

    Steel lintel for patio door

    Anyone know what size and style lintel to go in a 3M wall where the patio door is 2.1M? Previously a window and block
  5. Bungled

    Thumb-turn cylinder in a double-glazed door

    Would you worry about putting a thumb-turn cylinder in a sliding patio door lock? In theory, someone could smash the double-glazing, but how much risk do you think it is? Before you ask, I would only consider a decent anti-snap cylinder.
  6. R

    How to close gap at top of patio door?

    My patio door seems to be square, but at the top, where one door closes onto the other, the first door seems to prevent the second fully sealing. Is this just bad design? Or can I adjust it somehow, maybe the mechanism can pull it in tighter?
  7. D

    Everest doors and thermal bridging

    Hi there I was wondering if anyone could help. We recently moved into a property with Everest aluminium framed sliding patio doors. These were installed in 2009 according to the order note we found. However we have noticed these are very cold to touch and draughty . Does anyone know if these...
  8. bettz1

    Changing upvc patio door gaskets

    Hi past few years I've noticed our patio doors seem to let a draft in I've tightened up the keeps messed with the hinges outside etc and they have improved but you can still feel the cold in the bottom corner. Noticed the rubber gaskets on the doors look a bit worn although the house is 9 years...
  9. ihatealldiy

    Second door of French Patio hinged door is jammed!

    Hi The second door (not the locking door) of my UPVC patio (french) door is jammed. They are hinged doors. I can open the main door easily and lock it up. Thought of opening both doors for the summer but find that second door is jammed. I can feel something hard hitting at the bottom (maybe...
  10. S

    Patio Door

    We have a patio door which is lower on one side than the other On the side where the height is ok I can access the roller at the bottom of the patio door However, on the side where the height is lower I cannot readily access the roller at the bottom of the patio door See photos of top and...
  11. H

    Patio door removal - stuck!

    Hi, Having trouble removing the 2nd sliding patio door. 1st came out by removing the 2 plastic inserts at the top of the door (see attached). I’ve managed to remove 1 of these on the second door but the other is positioned behind a metal ridge that runs top to bottom on the door (the part which...
  12. H

    Self Levelling Compound Barrier - Novice

    I need to level a concrete floor ready for laminate flooring. Previously tile and cement. Floor is 4.5mx3m. Never done this before and unsure how to deal with creating a barrier for the compound. I've attached diagram below but basically 4 sides: 1x patio doors (currently gap of 8mm...
  13. C

    Building regs to remove patio doors? (Not SAPS / EPC)

    Hi, I'm having SAPS/EPC done to remove patio doors to new extension (formerly conservatory). Can anyone advise if I also need building regs/inspection to check that the supporting beam is strong enough to support the load from above when the patio doors and frame aren't in place?? Thanks.
  14. D

    Extension french door - changing locks

    I am looking to change the cylinder locks on my French doors. The door on the right is easy to do, with removing the screw from inside. However on the left door, this is not accessible as easily. IMG_20191201_154426 by Phoebian posted 2 Dec 2019 at 8:00 AM From what I can see, this plastic...
  15. S

    Patio Window Transition

    Hello I need advice on how to do a patio window to floorboard transition. Please see photo At the top you can see the patio window and at the bottom you can see the rotted floor boards. Between them you can see a concrete (or motar) layer, laid on a DPC membrane. Below the DPC membrane is...
  16. Xanthiee

    Sliding door won’t open.

    Hiii, So I have a sliding patio door that is stuck closed. The key is turning freely to unlock it but the lever to unlock it is stuck down and will not budge. Helppppp
  17. bettz1

    Sliding patio door won't lock

    Hi my parents have gone away and I've noticed there patio door doesn't lock.My sister's staying in the house and is naturally a little scared. I'm not sure now if the lever locks when it's down or supposed to lock when the levers up. We slide the door shut the key will turn ok but doesn't seem...
  18. Bungled

    Buying a sliding patio door - what should I look for?

    Please could you share any tips about how to choose a new patio door? I'm after a new sliding patio door, probably in uPVC to match the windows. There are loads of door manufacturers and it's hard to know how they differ. On top of that, I've found a lot of different installers local to me -...
  19. N

    Tilt and Slide door problem

    Help! I found my new tilt and slide door got stuck. I have two tild/slide doors, each slides to one side, and closing togehter in the middle joining each other. Now one got stucked, they just looked closed, but both cannot be opened. The problem door's top is closed fine, and looked...
  20. Martyn Bell

    Patio Door Frame Rotten

    I have a UPVC double glazed patio door which for some strange reason has wood underneath the frame. The wood has rotten away & I have removed it, supporting the window temporarily on small blocks of wood. It has been suggested that I should replace the wood with plastic, but where can I purchase...