paving slab base

  1. L


    Hello great people. I want to put a porcelain slabs on the concrete blocks however one of the blocks is lifted in one of the corners. What can i do to make it even? Its just a corner and not a high raise so im hoping there is some quick method to do it
  2. Mac the Knife

    Summerhouse Base

    Hi guys, First time poster and newbie here. I'm having a Summerhouse installed in a few weeks and for the base I'm electing not to have a concrete slab, but instead laying some paving slabs. I've been advised that they do not need to be level as the company installing will account for that...
  3. P

    Paving slabs over concrete

    i have a concrete slab that is solid and doesn't need replacing but the garage on top does. We are replacing it with a log cabin but it's 2cm to wide Could I lay slabs over the concrete slab to give extra width required? How would I do it?
  4. B

    Can i lay paving slabs on Grass?

    Hi All i having a shed come in the next few weeks and money is tight the min. So for the base of the shed can i just put the paving stones down on a layer of sand with no cement and then put one of those weeding sheets over the top, then have the shed built on top. Its fairly level and wont...
  5. A

    help locate dpc

    hi guys, Really appreciate some help in locating my dpc as have a patio going in and due to the pebble dash, can't locate. Is it likely to be above or below the air bricks? 2nd image shows ground dug up around 5 inches under air brick with still so sign of dpc I don't think so thinking it is...
  6. W

    Sectional Garage Panels to Pave Driveway

    Morning All, I am hoping to kill two birds with one stone: I have a concrete sectional garage that needs to come down. I also have a pebble driveway, which we dislike as the pebbles seem to inevetably end up where we don't want them (in the house, on the road in front of the house,...) The...
  7. S

    Shed Base (new spade newbie)

    Hi, Been having a browse around the forum and seems like a good place to ask silly questions so here goes. I want to build an 18x10 shed, back of the shed in far right corner of going along the wall to left side of photo. I have started to remove the old hedges and bushes etc and the...