paving slabs

  1. E

    Recommendations for a good slurry primer.

    Hi everyone, I’m soon to be laying Indian Sanstone slabs in my garden and am looking for recommendations for a good value slurry primer? There seems to be loads out there. Cheers, Ed
  2. G

    Varying colour mismatch Paving slabs

    These are the same concrete pavers but from different packs. Will they all go the same colour with sun bleaching? They are the same colour when dry but different shades when wet.
  3. emmab543

    Patio: Is this a bodge?

    Hello! Any advice would be very welcome as I'm going to be having some awkward conversations today Last week we had a sandstone patio (partially) laid. Ive kept the kids and dog off the patio for 48hours as advised. Last night (a couple of days after being laid but before pointing) I noticed...
  4. B

    Can i lay paving slabs on Grass?

    Hi All i having a shed come in the next few weeks and money is tight the min. So for the base of the shed can i just put the paving stones down on a layer of sand with no cement and then put one of those weeding sheets over the top, then have the shed built on top. Its fairly level and wont...
  5. K

    DIY - Re-laying Indian Sandstone patio

    Greetings! We have an Indian sandstone rear patio (probably a few years old, from before we moved to the property). Some slabs were rocking and had moss/vegetation growing in the pointing. Decided to have a crack at re-doing it myself. - Have lifted the slabs, chipped away the old multiple...
  6. B

    Building a door step

    I'm building a new doorstep. I've smashed out the existing one which was bedded on loose rubble filled with sand, contained by an outer edge of mortared bricks. Current goal is to get a solid foundation on which I can mortar some new bricks and top with paving slabs. The new doorstep is going...
  7. Jack Strong

    Wet Rot Hardener - Spilt on Paving :(

    Hi, Wonder if anyone can help fix my DIY disaster. Whilst using Ronseal wet rot hardener on an external door, I accidentally spilt a bit, missing the masking and ending up on a light brown paving stone. It's now left white coloured droplets and I just can't get rid of it. I have tried bleach...
  8. S

    Replace paving slabs

    I need to replace the 45x45cm paving slabs in the path leading upto the front door. The slabs are broken/chipped in places but they are set well - flat, steady, no movement - so I really want to be able to drop in replacements. Who knows what is under the slabs (but I bet it's not...