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    Using Fence Posts for Load-Bearing in Pergola?

    I'm looking to construct a lean-to-wall pergola and plan to use 100 x 100 mm wooden posts. However, I can only find fence posts. Can these fence posts be used as load-bearing elements? They will be placed on height-adjustable shoes and will have no direct contact with soil or water. Thanks...
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    Outdoor Fixing for Green Oak

    Hi, I've bought some Eurpoean green oak timber and am now thinking about the best way to fix the crossbeams (2) to the 150 x 150mm posts (1). The decorative rafters (3) on top will also need fixing. I know normal screws/bolts will rust so I should use stainless steel. Given the assembly I...
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    Pergola/screening planning guidance

    Hi, I now have a design for the screen structure (see image below) that I want to build in the corner of the garden. I've been trying to find the planning rules for this type of structure but cannot find any. Can someone point me in the right direction please? I have found lots of different...
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    Securing a pergola

    Hi everyone, I’m mulling over pergola design for our garden. Still haven’t decided exactly what we want but one design is basically an L shape around the patio area. I was going to secure the posts into the soil with postcrete, like a fence post. Then we’ll be able to plant climbers that climb...
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    Pergola anchored in tall planters

    Hi, is it possible/safe to screw 4 tall planters to decking and concrete in posts for a pergola? Said pergola will be approx 2.5x4 & 2.5 tall.
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    Building a Pergola advice please

    Hi - I'm building a wooden pergola using reclaimed round pillars. The pergola will go on a patio that has paving slabs. My question is - how is best to secure the pillars? Should I use the round brackets and drill/screw into the slabs? Shall I remove the slabs beneath the pillars and dig a small...
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    Strengthen Climbing Frame

    So what do you do when you wife says she would like to buy a £2000 climbing frame .... obviously do the manly thing and suggest you can build your own cheaper using some wood you already have in the garage form another unfinshed job from the last house you lived in. As you might expect I have...
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    Curious Planning Laws for Fences, Trellis and Pergolas?

    Hello I've been reading about the planning laws for fences, trellis and pergolas and just wondered if I am understanding this right... At the moment I have a 6 foot garden fence and for privacy have attached a 1 foot trellis to the top. Strictly speaking this is not within planning laws since...
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    Pergola - Fixing to the ground

    Hello I’m planning to build a Pergola in a corner of my garden as a support for Wisteria and am considering how to fix it to the ground. It will be a free standing Pergola with 4 legs and about 8ft square in size. Obviously I could just concrete the legs into the ground like a fence but was...
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    Treatment for timber post

    hi. We have a pergola in back garden and the timber frames holding up the roofing is starting to decay at the base. What can I do to treat this? Please see pic. Timber is 19cm width around each side. Pretty poor at anything DIY so will appreciate any input. Many thanks.