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Pergola - Fixing to the ground

Discussion in 'In the Garden' started by vonsworld, 8 Jul 2018.

  1. vonsworld


    16 Sep 2007
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    United Kingdom

    I’m planning to build a Pergola in a corner of my garden as a support for Wisteria and am considering how to fix it to the ground.

    It will be a free standing Pergola with 4 legs and about 8ft square in size.

    Obviously I could just concrete the legs into the ground like a fence but was thinking of other options that would make it easier to move or repair the Pergola in the future especially if the supports eventually rot away.

    How about concreting steel fence post supports into the ground and then simply inserting the posts?

    The posts might wobble a little in these supports but I assume that once assembled the 4 legs and structure of the Pergola should make it firm and stable.

    Perhaps even easier how about burying 4 pre-made concrete blocks in the ground and then attach the posts to these using steel brackets and concrete bolts. Since the Pergola is an open structure that doesn't catch the wind too much, would this be enough to hold it in place?

    Finally how about just using post spikes with no concrete, would these be strong enough?

    Your advice is appreciated :)
  2. blup


    5 Nov 2007
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    United Kingdom
    Post spikes are a quick fix IMO not a long term solution, the concrete blocks buried in ground is over engineering the solution which leaves burying the posts in concrete or attaching to spurs.

    Spurs will protect the wood above ground but the overall appearance will be compromised.

    I would be minded to bury direct in concrete using treated timber, the whole appearance of the pergola will change significantly within a few years in any case.

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