1. E

    Where might I find these hollow blocks?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to get hold of x20 140mm dense hollow concrete blocks (7N/mm²) but I'm struggling to find any in my local area. I'm on the Hampshire/Berkshire/Surrey border. There are some showing on website but when I ordered them they came back and send they...
  2. P

    Preparation of concrete subfloor for wet UFH

    Hi All, I am doing a kitchen extension. 3m X 6m, and like to install wet ufh. need help to decide the best way to prepare my concrete subfloor for wet ufh. option 1: mot + sand blinding + dpm + kingspan + dpm+ concrete + ufh boards (18mm) + ufh pipes + screed + tiles option 2: mot + sand...
  3. E

    Volumetric Concrete....

    Hi, I'm coming to the point where I will actually need to get some concrete in. I like the idea of volumetric concrete so that I pay for what I use. I need about 1.2 cubic metres of concrete and will have to barrow it. Having phoned a few people up there seems to be a big difference in price...
  4. R

    Toilet Waste Connection into Concrete Floor

    I am replacing a traditional toilet with a Grohe frame and I need to replace the existing waste connection (see pic below) with the one that comes with the Grohe frame. The connector goes down into the concrete floor and I have no visibility of where it goes/ how it connects. If I just yank it...
  5. R

    Concrete Mixes

    Does anybody have a definitive guide to the different strengths of concrete, and the ratios of how to mix? Online searches are confusing to say the least.... C20, C30 etc... M20, M35 etc... Gen 1...?? For what it's worth, I am after a mix for C35 for a cast in-situ padstone.
  6. Rageyboy91

    Laying a slate hearth on limecrete.

    Hey guys, I have a chunk of slate comming for my hearth, 30mm thick, I'm setting it above the laminate so I created a concrete bed around 2cm, so the boards will slide under to create a nice finish. But I'm not sure what to use to stick it down, I want about 5mm, I was thinking flexible tile...
  7. D

    Porting Air Bricks - Concrete or Substrate?

    Hi All, looking for a bit of advice, I’m planning an extension on the rear of my property and I’ve been advised to port the existing air bricks through which seems sensible. Due to the slant of the ground around the property if I bury the porting pipe work in the substrate (mot type 1) I’ll...
  8. J

    Concrete Driveway seasoned, path repair how to brush to match, How to fill concrete gaps

    Hi Everyone, After giving up on completely make up to my driveway with layer of resin bond due of cost not affordable at moment, I was thinking to make most of it with what I have. During the years due of new pipes the concrete has been cut and patched and the top cement layer still visible...
  9. B

    Cat Flap in an Easyform Type 2 Wall

    I want to put a cat flap in an Easyform Type 2 cast-in-situ concrete cavity wall. are there likely to be any problems?
  10. S

    Shed base

    Hi guys. I'm building a shed measuring 13ft x 8ft (I know 12ft would be better for timber sizes but I am building as big as I can in the space the missus has allocated). Today I've dug down 150mm ish to the depth I want my concrete. See pictures. The corner of the shed will be in front of the...
  11. doesitmatter

    Damp under concrete floor? Or cold soil?

    After a leak in the shower and horrible mould, I stripped everything back to the suspended timber floor and found that the adjoining room, the kitchen, has a concrete floor. It appears there's no DPM under the concrete floor and the soil/sand under the concrete floor feels wet, though less wet...
  12. S

    Break out plaster and concrete

    Hello I am uncovering the path of a pipe buried in plasters in a wall and concrete in a floor The pipe is made of lead and transitions to copper What is the best way to break out plaster and concrete without damaging the pipe Thanks
  13. L

    2nd floor flat, concrete floor disintegrating

    I have a 1960s 2nd floor flat. Removed old carpet tiles from the kitchen to find what I would say are quite significant cracks and deterioration. In parts it seems the concrete is disintegrating as can be seen in the last photo which was taken after some light brushing and makes me think it’s...
  14. cwhaley

    Battening Plasterboard

    I'll be plaster boarding my new extension next month. In another thread I posted on here, it seemed the general consensus was to batten rather than D&D. The walls are all flat and plumb and it does make it easier running conduit and pipework behind. I have since been very lucky to secure about...
  15. D

    Membrane over Sikha Rapid DPM? Should I bother?

    A gallon of Sikha, spread in 2 coats (5x4m room). Regs told me to run a membrane along the base of and up the inside of the blockwork wall before the stud went on. Am putting down a CLS plus 18mm ply substrate, then 8mm click vinyl. Do I really need to continue the membrane across the whole...
  16. S

    Fill gaps around drain edges and concrete

    I have a drain with gaps around the edges between it and the surrounding concrete, which I'm not sure what to do about it. I was concerned there might be a leak, but it looks like it's touching the original concrete in multiple places, so I don't think it has dropped. Water is getting in the...
  17. M

    Mortar or Concrete bed? For sloped shower pan.

    Hi All, Just finishing my wet room. I have a linear drain in the end embedded and secured levelled into the concrete floor. I am now ready to do the wet room slope pan. I have placed two pieces of strip wood on each side and raised them accordingly to my slope measurements. I will use these...
  18. Concrete Lip Retaining Gravel

    Concrete Lip Retaining Gravel

    concrete lip retaining gravel.png
  19. N

    Cold water feed to shed - cannot easily bury deep near house

    I am running a cold water feed to my shed, about 10m from the house. The house already has a cold water tap on the outside, and I intend to plumb into it (keeping the tap for garden work) but having a permanent feed to the shed. I am digging a trench to the required depth (~750mm) but within...
  20. D

    Flat concrete roof rust

    Hi My house was built in 1950, it has a single story extension with a flat concrete roof. The roof does not leak but has always had condensation on the inside through the winter due to not being insulated. Whilst renovating I have removed some plaster from the ceiling and found that some of...