1. E

    How best to bond new concrete to existing?

    Hi, I have some posts which I have concreted into the ground and I want to form a more decorative top so that soil will not be in contact with the post and water will run away. See the photo. Basically the blue part will be new concrete and I need to bond it to the bass already there. Any...
  2. D

    Foundation Depth

    Hello i am replacing my garage door with a door and a window. Under the window, there will be a brick wall. I am digging a trench. 600mm wide and 1m down... According to the below image, how deep should (c) be? I would have thought 1m foundation means from ground level to bottom.... Is this...
  3. JD2012

    Anchor Brackets for Rhino Shelves Advice.

    I bought some Rhino Shelves a while ago for my bedroom for books. They are all level and built correctly but the seem to wobble. It was suggested to to me to buy some brackets to anchor them to the wall to stop this. I would need to drill holes in the shelves and then the concrete wall. Its...
  4. A

    Damp / wet concrete floor

    I have a utility room with a concrete floor. When it rains I've noticed the floor gets wet. Right outside this room are two drains - one is for the kitchen sink and boiler/washing machine waste trap and the other is for the guttering drain pipe from the utility room. There is also another hole...
  5. M

    Garden brick wall

    Hi there, I’m building some brick raised beds on some concrete footings. I laid the concrete today and was just wondering how long I’d need to leave it before I can start building the wall? Also, how long does a brick wall need to cure before it’s effected by rain? Thanks so much
  6. D

    Flooring - Concrete and Insulation thickness

    Hello My garage floor already is already concrete. I want to put 100mm PIR Insulation and was told to put 50mm screed on top. I need to put a bit more, as in 100mm screed. is this ok or will it be too heavy? Or can i put 150mm pir insulaton and then 50mm screed? Suggest i put on concrete...
  7. J

    Rebuild exterior window surround

    I have an old window which I am getting replaced and in the process of removing some of the timber, the brickwork around the window has crumbled away. Just wondering what to fill this with? I am thinking of building a form and filling in with concrete. Does that sounds sensible or is there a...
  8. E

    Best bitumen paint

    Hi, I’m about to concrete some oak posts and wondered if anyone can recommend some bitumen paint to use on the concreted part? Cheers, Ed
  9. G

    Concrete coarse aggregate size

    I have broken up a solid concrete ground floor and excavated the underlying material (to a depth of around 200mm, level with the footings), to install under-slab insulation. The excavated material appears similar to beach shingle consisting of slightly rounded, mainly flint stones. The largest...
  10. T

    Warm or cold flat roof for concrete deck with overhang?

    Hi, I have a single-skin brick extension with a concrete flat roof from the 50s/60s that I’m getting re-covered. The concrete roof overhangs the exterior by 100-150mm. I’m trying to decide whether to go warm or cold roof. I originally thought warm but now I’m concerned about potential...
  11. S

    Removing concrete patch in suspended timber floor

    This forum has been really helpful in the run-up to undertaking a partial renovation of a Victorian terraced house. I’m intending to sand and finish the pine floorboards in the dining room area, however there appears to be a patch of concrete or similar material in the corner of the room, as...
  12. N

    Preparation for new lawn where concrete was.

    Hi there, I have moved into a circa 1950’s house and my next project is tackling the garden. There was an old detached garage which had the roof removed due to asbestos. I have since knocked this down and removed and begun knocking up the concrete base, the plan being to turf/seed over this...
  13. J

    Concrete floor advice

    Hi, new to forum and seeking some advice/ guidance. I have a concrete floor and have removed skirting. However it appears the concrete floor was poured after the skirting so I have now have a small gap around the perimeter of the room. Deeper than 5mm (so am thinking self levelling compound...
  14. T

    Need help with uneven concrete floor

    Hello, before installing LVT I need to even out the concrete floor but it's difficult how I should proceed.. Should I use self levelling compound or concrete + sand?? Thank you The first picture - 2 to 4mm gap between lounge and dining room The second picture - 8 to 12 mm gap between kitchen...
  15. B

    Starting the foundation

    Hello all, Im just about to venture into finally building a workshop in my little garden 2.25 x 4.55M. Now I have helped build a workshop in the past but it was on a concrete base with access and a much bigger budget than I have. I feel a the hard part is starting!.. I was looking at going the...
  16. A

    Preparing an uneven stone hearth for tiling

    Hello, I have knocked out a fireplace (with great help from this group). It will only be decorative. The builders opening will all be boarded and skimmed. I would like to tile the old hearth (removing it is not an option, and neither is keeping it- drill holes). What would be the best way to...
  17. A

    Slabs instead of concrete slab in basement?

    Hi all, I have a basement that I want to use for storage. I’ve put down sub base and sand and visqueen DPM. Plan was to pour concrete slab but no concrete companies round here will pump 1m3 as they all have 2-4m3 minimum orders. I don’t have anywhere to mix up that much concrete myself so...
  18. N

    Engineered wood or laminate over concrete floor

    Hi Will get it professionally fitted, but wondered if one is better than the other on concrete - is one better than the other over anything? Any particular underlay recommended, also same for the flooring itself.
  19. CCoomber

    Raise a concrete floor

    I have a concrete slab floor and I need to raise it by 2-3inches what would be the best way of doing this? Originally I was going to pour some concrete, however I have recently seen some self-levelling compounds which can pour to a depth of 2inches is this a viable option of are there negatives...
  20. D

    Concrete slab finish

    Hi Guys/ Girls, Looking for some advice I’ve recently had a concrete slab poured for a garage to be put on. It was poured about 7 days ago so I stopped watering it 2 days ago and now as it’s drying out it’s almost like there was a layer on the top after it had been floated.. Will this...