1. Short_Circuit

    Looking to fit decking rail and spindles on brick wall

    Hi all New joiner here but long time admirer. Have found useful resources to do my odd DIY job. My latest lockdown activity is to get decking spindles to our wall. The wall is a single brick wall and is on the higher side of our garden, there is then a 2ft drop to the rest of the garden. You...
  2. S

    How to erect a fence?

    Okay, first off it's not quite a fence, but... I live on quite a steep hill. The front garden slopes down quite a bit, and the path along the front of the house is raised above that (about 1 foot). There's no handrail or anything, so there's always the danger of falling, not just onto the...
  3. V

    How much concrete to use with metal fence/trellis supports?

    Hello I'd like to erect a heavy trellis with 70mm wooden posts using concreted-in metal post supports. Please see the photo below. The trellis will be 7ft high and although it is quite heavy, since it is full of holes, it will not catch the wind in the same way as a regular fence. My question...
  4. C

    Queries on decking joists

    I'm weighing up a few options on fixings but any advice please on the following queries regarding a raised deck (about 900mm up) using 47 x 150 joists (2.5m long) and ledger (4.8m long) with posts at 1.3m: 1 How to attach the rim joists to the ends of the ledger board as I can't source...
  5. V

    Pergola - Fixing to the ground

    Hello I’m planning to build a Pergola in a corner of my garden as a support for Wisteria and am considering how to fix it to the ground. It will be a free standing Pergola with 4 legs and about 8ft square in size. Obviously I could just concrete the legs into the ground like a fence but was...
  6. E

    Shed base questions

    Building a shed, roughly 12' x 8' (Aiming for something like 3660x2500). See plan: Questions: 1) Post spacing? Positioning ok on diagram, or need more? 2) Post depth? 3) Need full fill of Postcrete? That would be a hell of a lot - can I pack it / layer it with pea gravel or something? 4)...