1. J

    Belle mixer with 3.5hp Brigg stratton - stops working when loaded

    I have had a Petrol mixer belle 150l with 3.5hp briggs stratton used a while back for a project with no power, Then stored in the garage for few years. The other day we put it outside and tried to start with no luck. Removed carburettor, pushed some air and bang started at first pull. I then...
  2. D

    Honda Izy running weird

    hi, i have a 3yr old honda izy 16" which has always been reliable. this summer having retrieved from the shed its not been running its best and can't determine the issue. have done a full service of air filter, oil change and new spark plug, as well as cleaned out carb and exhaust ports. easier...
  3. Kieron anderson

    Atco b14 deluxe lawnmower cable issue

    Hi I have recently purchased an atco b14 deluxe petrol lawnmower, and it works perfectly fine, other than the lever that is meant to stop the blades while it is running, doesn't, will this be just a cable issue, or may it run deeper than that??
  4. cwhaley

    2003 Fiesta Mk6 - Sat for 2+ years

    I've been given a Mk6 Fiesta (2003) 1.4 petrol Duratec. It's done 83k and has had a new clutch, oil and service within the last 4k miles. Unfortunately it was taken off the road in October 2016 and left on my parents drive for over two years. It was occasionally started to keep things...
  5. T

    Petrol Lawnmower - Honda Izy vs ...?

    Hi all, After years of electric mowers (and a brief ownership of a battery powered Rotak that was under-whelming) I am now looking to get my first petrol lawnmower. Exciting news, I am sure you will agree. The Honda Izy has lots of positive press (I'd probably go for HG416PK based on my...
  6. eveares

    Brigs & Stratton Lawnmower engine won't stop!

    I have a self propelled petrol mount-field lawnmower that I have had since 2004, and for the first time last week it would not stop when the throttle was let go. I had to push the throttle cable in by hand very hard to just about stop it. At first I thought it stops by friction from the pad...