planning laws

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    Neighbours patio

    My neighbour has recently laid the blockwork for his new patio and it probably about a 1m high at our boundary. It's on sloping ground so probably less than 300mm above the ground at the other end. It's not ideal as they can see in a lot of our garden, but not all. I don't want an argument with...
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    Convert Pub to Residential / Shop

    I am planning to buy a building which has got the ground floor pub (the pub is closed) and the first floor is a residential flat. My intention is to buy it and convert the ground floor as well to a Residential Flat. It has no planning permission yet. The seller wants to complete the sale as...
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    Outhouse, Workshop, Help needed please.

    Hi All, Firstly thanks for taking the time out to read my thread. I'm currently building a workshop in my garden, nothing fancy but it will do the do for me. it will take up no more than 11% of the garden and is made from brick and block (cavity) and will have a hip style roof. It's in from...
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    Dwelling and part time holiday Let Planning Laws

    Hello I'm a self builder. I want to build a dwelling that I use myself and also can rent out part time as in Airbnb holiday let say for 90 days per year. The 90 days per year will bring employment to the local community Gardening ,cleaning ,laundry,key holders, maintenance, etc I'm about to put...