plaster board

  1. G

    Narrow black lines on interior walls

    Hi all I have noticed a series of narrow black lines on an interior wall between the bathroom and the bedroom. They are about 30cm long and 1cm apart and only appear in an area about 30cm by 30cm. This area is behind the tap end of the bath but about 50cm above the bath level. There are none...
  2. M

    vapour lock barrier

    Hi, I'm creating a utility room ,and on one of the walls im fastening some plasterboard on to wood battens (and insulating in between the battens ) , The battens are in turn fastened to a brick wall. Should i still put up a vapour barrier on back side side of the inner plasterboard.? I'm...
  3. S

    Plasterboard TV Mounting advice needed please

    Hello, I have a dot and dab wall where the plasterboard is quite thick, I believe it is double plastered? The gap from the surface of the plasterboard (facing the inside of the room) to the brick wall is 70mm. I want to mount a 55" TV ideally on a cantilever bracket. I have looked at many...
  4. S

    Plasterboard protruding

    Door for utility has no archatrave framing and it is flush with the plasterboards one side however not on the other, pic below showing what it looks like, what would be best way to sort this? Maybe sande it to a chamfer or would it be better to cut some of it away so that I can fit some...
  5. P

    Vertical radiator on single stud?

    Hi, I have an internal, decorated plasterboard wall with poor studding: 120cm from its left end, there is a 22mm wide (i.e., as measured horizontally parallel to the wall) stud, then a 38mm stud (the two studs are spaced 60cm), then, after further 78cm, the jack stud of the door. I couldn't find...
  6. Brett2021

    Large cut out in the Kitchen wall behind Fridge!!

    I moved to a new place and noticed there is a large gap in the wall plasterboard behind fridge showing some heating related equipment (MagnaClean Professional Filter) . As you can imagine this is not making kitchen looking good, also not sure any reason why this need to be kept exposed..? see...
  7. B

    Good Quality Reliable Crack Filler

    Hi all, I have been researching plaster and plasterboard wall filler for a number of cracks in my house, some ranging from hairline to wider cracks (around 3 to 6mm, due to settlement after renovating an old house). The web is a wash with different types, all with a mix of reviews. So, I have...
  8. F

    Are these plasterboard cracks in ceiling?

    Hi there, Just wanted some advice. From googling lots, I think the cracks we have in the ceiling above our stairs/landing are just the plasterboard joints? If anyone can confirm this and am I right in thinking I use joint tape and plaster to fix them?
  9. A

    10-15mm gap under insulated plasterboard?

    Hi I have bought a couple of insulated plasterboards (Knauf XPS Laminate Plus Insulated Plasterboard Tapered Edge) to go on a ground floor external wall that is cold and it cant be insulated externally. I understand that on ground floors, you need to leave a 10-15mm gap between the bottom of...
  10. A

    Hanging a heavy mirror on block backed plasterboard

    I bought some self drilling screws such as these today to provide two screws to hang a fairly heavy mirror onto a plasterboard wall (roughly 10mm thick). I have used this approach previously for a heavy bathroom cabinet into plasterboard with good results. This time I started to turn the self...
  11. S

    plasterboard alignment with surrounds

    Hi guys, About to plasterboard a stud wall under my stairs (cloakroom WC). As you can see there is a lip of the stairway protruding past the studs..deliberately to allow plasterboard and skim. Call it poor planning or just a wonky stairs but I incorrectly assumed the protruding edgeswas same...
  12. R

    Correct fixing for heavy mirror

    I want to hang a mirror on a wall. The mirror is 1800x600 / 6'x2' landscape, so short and wide, but quite heavy 24 kg/53 lbs. The wall is plasterboard on brick. I'm worried about putting that weight on plasterboard, so I was planning on drilling straight through into the brick. The problem is...
  13. S

    Damp - Does all plaster board need to be replaced?

    Does all the plasterboard need to be replaced following a damp issue due to leaking shower in en-suite? There is a cupboard adjoining which houses the unvented hot water cylinder. This had damp which was showing in the cupboard but is obviously worse on the reverse of the plaster board - the...
  14. J

    Plasterboard to cover artex walls?

    Hi, So I've recently moved into my new property and one bedroom has horrible textured walls. I know the easy answer is a skim coat, but I cant afford a plasterer and am uneasy on trying it myself for the first time. The walls are of solid construction in my 1920's midterrace house. Would...
  15. G

    filling hole where small fire was do i need mesh tape ?

    Hi, Ive removed a small electric fire and i want to fill the hole. Im not very good at skimming so Im thinking I can just butt the plasterboard flish with the existing wall, then fill round the edges, do I need mesh tape or paper tape , or do i even need to use tape ? thanks
  16. J

    Correct material for plastering/skim plasterboard

    I had a go on my first dot and dab for my boiler cupboard ready for plumber to come dowm and first fix. Considering there is no multifinish plaster at moment all around the country. can I plaster/skim the plasterboard directly with bonding 60 of british gypsum or ideally need to wait for a...
  17. robodelfy

    Water and waste coming through plasterboard?

    I'm running my water feeds for toilet and sink into the wall cavity. Then I plan to pop them out of the wall to connect. I will be using plastic push fit 15mm pipes inside the wall. What should I do when coming out of the wall. I guess I will need an isolating valve as soon as it comes through...
  18. J

    Plasterboard brand. Gyproc, Knauf British Gypsum, Siniat. What the best?

    As the lockdown is slowing everything down and no delivery at moment. I was wondering what would be the best plasterboard brand to use. Moast DIY sell Knauf or Gyproc? Are those any good? As I live near a train line I was wondering to use soundblock for ceiling as well. Is it worth the extra...
  19. J

    Plastering existing wall, ceiling questions and doubts HELP!

    I found out that the ceilings on my first floor were renovated but the laths were kept and pins were used instead of screws. My first question. Is it worth to remove the old plasterboard attached to lath and replace with a fresh one and maybe just tape and joint or new plaster? Why the lats...
  20. J

    Stud wall, Partition wall with plasterboard and noggin

    Hi, Im doing a bit of renovation and for the first time I have to build few wall including one partywall and a fully enclosed bathroom. My idea is to use 15mm plasterboard or maybe 2x15mm to make it stronger but question is what stud size need to use and if there is any basic concept to use in...