1. C

    2008 Outstanding by Keter 6x4 Garden Shed. Instructions anyone?

    I have acquired a Keter shed, still boxed and unassembled, for free from an elderly lady locally. Unfortunately the instructions, although present, had got wet and stuck together making them almost completely unreadable. I have been in touch with Keter who were unable to provide any assistance...
  2. Y

    Non-slip coating on hand-held plastic controls gone sticky - how to remove?

    I've had a couple of electronic items - a small air-band radio receiver (Maycom AR-108), and now a mini-keyboard/trackpad/mouse device (XEBEC HTPC) - which have a matt non slip coating of some sort on the plastic shell to make it easier to grip. Whatever it is is thin - like a paint. Looks...
  3. 5

    Painting a plastic kitchen ceiling?

    Hi Recently moved into a new house and I'm looking to do a quick, cheap makeover of my kitchen as I can't afford to rip it all out and get a brand new one just now. One of the things I want to do is try and paint the horrible old plastic(!) ceiling that's in there (see pictures attached). How...
  4. S

    Consumer unit boxing in

    My consumer unit is located upstairs in one of the bedroom closets, can you buy clear plastic covers with access hatch etc that would enclose over this protecting from any potential roof leaks, pic of what I have below
  5. heywood lane

    What to do with cheap plastic pipe coverings?

    looking for some advice as to what to do about these ugly plastic pipe coverings. they are not even fitted properly as you can see. Is there something better that they could be replaced with? They go from the floor to the ceiling in a few rooms. Thanks
  6. MarkButNoSpark

    Replacing plastic outside light with Metal type

    Hi I was looking to change a broken outside light which is of plastic construction with a new Stainless Steel one, my house is only 5 years old so all the wiring is new. But the instructions on the new light state, and I quote;- Do not wire this lantern into the lighting circuit - use a...
  7. M

    Sliding Door Step Trim

    We have a sliding patio door which I have looked all over and cannot find any kind of branding. The doorstep trim (see photo) is very tatty. It a black plastic section which clips into some aluminium track underneath. I have spent most of the morning Googling and cannot find anything similar...
  8. M

    Underfloor Heating Pipes Alternative Ise

    I had my underfloor heating and flow screed installed today and the company ordered 4 x 100m rolls of pipes and ended up using around 4 x 80m so I have 4 x 20m left over. Is there anything else they can be used for, seems crazy to throw them away. I think they are 16mm so can't be used for...
  9. C

    Plastic roofing material advice

    Im changing my next greenhouse cladding from glass to plastic. Glass breaks more often. Is plastic much cheaper than glass? Thanks