Painting a plastic kitchen ceiling?

9 Mar 2020
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United Kingdom

Recently moved into a new house and I'm looking to do a quick, cheap makeover of my kitchen as I can't afford to rip it all out and get a brand new one just now.

One of the things I want to do is try and paint the horrible old plastic(!) ceiling that's in there (see pictures attached).

How would I do this? The ceiling isn't in panels, each section is one large piece so I can't take it down. I'm also thinking spray paint would therefore not be an option as I'd effectively need to spray it in situ.

Would I be able to just brush on a plastic primer and then paint with a roller?

Any advice would be massively appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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596Adam, good evening.

I have a couple of concerns?

1/. The plastic will be contaminated with grease, difficult to remove totally. [not that I am saying your kitchen is dirty, but years of cooking / steam / Etc will have left deposits.

2/. The plastic panels will flex as you try to work on them making cleaning and painting difficult.

Hi @KenGMac thanks for the response.
Share your concerns about the dirt / grease situation, but only thing I can think is to clean it with some sort of soap or bleach before I start with the primer.

Any other alternatives or ideas you can suggest? Feel a bit stuck really. Cheers
There are some Spray on Sugar Soaps that could work, But? you face the same issue of the boards moving and flexing, the flexing may cause damage to the panels, especially the joints???

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Thanks again Ken. What would you suggest as an alternative to painting it? Is my only option ripping it down and getting someone to put a 'normal' plasterboard ceiling up?
Also consider the fire hazard they may present, are the inflammable or will they drip hot plastic on anyone trying to escape through there or the fire brigade trying to put a fire out?
Using sugar soap is well recommended to clean them.
Myself using a roller with plastic primer then overpainting it with a roller is imo the only way to do that ceiling. (apart from ripping it down and replacing it).

Or just clean it and keep it.
I prefer isopropyl alcohol for degreasing. It evaporates much faster than sugar soap and there is no risk of swelling the grain.

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