1. A

    Painting laminated MDF kitchen cabinet doors

    I have some laminated (vinyl type wrap or something) MDF kitchen cabinet doors. some of the MDF around the edges has swelled up from moisture. I intend to sand it down and use some 2 part filler to reshape what I can. I then want to paint the door but unsure what type of paint to use and the...
  2. goldielocks

    Zinsser Gardz as wood primer?

    Can anyone tell me if i can use Zinnser Gardz as a primer on cheap bare timber doors in prep for waterbased gloss?
  3. S

    What primer should I use on plaster wall before tiling?

    Hi, I think I have heard it correctly that I should not use PVA on a wall before tiling. Should I use KA SBR on the plaster? Best regards
  4. D

    Primer for galvanised steel window and putty?

    Would appreciate advice on choice of suitable primer... I painted a Crittalls window (i.e. zinc galvanised steel) last year using this Rustins water-based paint as a primer: But I didn't like the...
  5. A

    Wrong undercoat on walls - how to fix it

    I got some bad advice from an overworked member of staff at a consumer DIY store. I got sold some Dulux trade solvent-based undercoat for wood and metal. Having painted this all over the walls and ceilings of a room in my house, I am realising my Farrow & Ball All White Modern Emulsion is not...
  6. J

    Repairing plaster under stripped wallpaper

    Hello, DIY-Novice here hoping to get advice on how to repair some walls I’ve stripped of lino-paper and wallpaper My intention was to strip paper, sugar soap it, sand it and then prime, before filling in crack/gaps. However I am now confused by what I’ve found underneath. In Room 1 it seems...
  7. A

    Is undercoat needed over zinnser bin?

    I have just sanded down some skirting which had a water based gloss on and whilst sanding/scraping the water based paint and whatever was beneath has flaked off in large areas revealing bare wood whilst other areas the paint remains tight. I was thinking of using bin primer to seal the bare...
  8. oursurveysaid

    Ply Underneath Aluminium Fascias

    I'm about to fit a couple of bespoke aluminium fascias to my extension, replacing the rotten plywood and timber mess left by the builder. My question is: what should I do to the new plywood I'll be installing, which will then be clad in the aluminium? Can it just be primed or sealed, or does it...
  9. whatsthenews

    Paint faux pas

    Mistakingly picked up the tin of acrylic eggshell instead of the acrylic primer and undercoat I'm supposed to be priming and undercoating old oil based gloss work on door frames. Once the eggshell's dry, can I just use the primer/ undercoat on top of it, and then the eggshell, or do I need to...
  10. K

    Primer / mist coat came off in patches when removing wallpaper

    Hi, We recently moved into a new house and stripped a bedroom of really thick wallpaper that had also been painted. On taking off the wall paper it has also removed some of the primer / mist coat from the plaster in some quite big patches on two walls (see photos). We want the end finish to...
  11. DIYSimon141

    Wet room paint half nightmare help

    So I made a wet room. Half is wet - freestanding bath and shower, half has vanity unit toilet and, for arguments sake, is dry. I tanked the wet side - acrylic primer tanking strips tanking liquid before tiling. When tanking, i painted the primer and liquid 200-300mm into the dry half. Imagine a...
  12. jbquality

    Seeing 'steps' on the wall, need fix pleeeease

    Hello! So decided to redecorate a bedroom ourselves. Removed wallpaper, scrubbed, sanded, cleaned, primed, skimmed and one coat of primer/undercoat. My issue is I have a few areas where I can see 'steps' from where I've skimmed, my fault for not sanding well enough in these areas. Can I use...
  13. R

    Best primer for Sapele

    Making some Sapele replacement windows and would like advice on the best primer to use. In the past I have seen Aluminium primer used but I was disappointed with the application. It seemed to drag and blob easily. For finishing I’ll probably use Dulux Weathershield oil based. Richard
  14. 5

    Painting a plastic kitchen ceiling?

    Hi Recently moved into a new house and I'm looking to do a quick, cheap makeover of my kitchen as I can't afford to rip it all out and get a brand new one just now. One of the things I want to do is try and paint the horrible old plastic(!) ceiling that's in there (see pictures attached). How...
  15. canoas

    Window Wood Primer paint

    Hi all, I have stripped all external paint from my wooden windows for my kitchen extension, treated, filled and sanded. Checking around my garage I have only a white Interior wood Farrow & Ball Primer rather than exterior wood primer, though I do have Farrow & Ball white exterior Wood paint...
  16. D

    Evening interior walls - Primer paint?

    Hi, Is there are a primer paint / something similar that will even out slight bumps on a wall caused by old paint that has chipped off? e.g. like below. Last time I sanded it down with an electric sander but still as you can see the second picture the surface is uneven at an angle. Would like...
  17. M

    Bathroom - behind pvc panels?

    What's best behind pvc wall panels? Was thinking of standard plasterboard with a skim and mist coat, but there may be better/quicker options eg. Knauf Aquaboard primed with something?
  18. fordfocus2003

    Rusty Nails On Fence Panels. Rust Inhibiting Primer or Hammerite Direct To Rust before Cuprinol?

    Hello! I'm hoping for some help as I've been going round in circles working out what to do. I had some new Featheredge Forest Garden fence panels last summer. I fitted them in the garden and left them for the winter to settle in before planning to treat them with Cuprinol Garden shades paint...
  19. D

    Painting new patching plaster

    Can I use water based Zinser 123 primer straight over Wilko Rhino patching plaster? Thanks, Dain
  20. D

    Will wood primer cause surface delamination in ply pipe boxing?

    5.5mm and 9mm hardwood ply services boxing in a kitchen. Will wood primer cause delamination? I'd like to end up with the same paint on the box and adjacent walls, not too worried about cracking between varying substrates as there's already breeze and stud walls so plenty of corner cracking...