1. D

    Improving wall quality before painting

    Hi, full disclosure. Ive never done any plastering, or indoor house painting and plan to do both for our home (Probably not all at once mind you). The question I have is regarding refining the wall surface before painting. Ive removed the majority of wall paper (still need to clean a little...
  2. B

    Plastering/painting - advice needed

    Hi, I am moving house but a surveyor picked up a leaking pipe in the soil stack, which was causing rising damp in a couple of walls. The leak is now fixed but need to get the wall fixed. The paint was cracking off and so we peeled most of the loose bits off with the aim to repaint/get someone...
  3. S

    Painting; Making good undercoat following wallpaper strip

    Good morning, I'm in the middle of a bedroom redecoration and I'm posting here in the hope of some advice. I think this is a pretty common situation but I'm not sure of the best method. The wallpaper is almost off, however in some places it took the paint below it with it, mainly at the vertical...
  4. J

    Emultion paint in shower?

    New member here ! I'm sorry if this is a really silly thing to ask but painting over a horrible paint job in a new property we purchased in Greece. I've been given an emultion which I had to add 10 percent water too, here's a photo.. Is this all going to wash off the second i use the shower...
  5. N

    Best product for plaster repair?

    I’ve removed some wallpaper from the bedroom in our 1930s house and the plaster has come away in a couple of areas. 1. Under the window - exposing the timber of the bay window wall 2. Partition wall with another room - guess this is brick with plaster and the skim coat has come off. Based on...
  6. D

    Accessing window above front door for painting

    Upstairs window frames really need painting. Will require sanding and putting on a few coats. I haven't painted upstairs windows before (DIYer) and get the impression hiring a scaffold tower is the best way to go. However, I can see two problems: 1) How do those with semi-detached/terraced...
  7. T

    Re-painting Bathroom ceiling (flaking paint)

    Hi all, Some of the paint of my bathroom ceiling has started to flake off, so I figure that's a useful prompt as any to re-do it. Just a quick few queries - would it be okay to remove the flaking paint, and then paint over the whole ceiling again (with Dulux Easycare, or similar) or do...
  8. Carrieg22

    Patchy paint on newly plastered walls

    Hi, we recently had our walls skimmed and re-plastered. The decorator used a mist coat before painting. This is the third coat of paint and we’re still seeing patches. They almost look more porous? Does anyone know what this could be and how to fix it please? Thanks!
  9. A

    First layer for an uneven wall

    I have bought a house that requires renovation and I have spent a considerable amount of time reading material and looking at videos for smoothing and painting uneven walls. The walls are drywalls build on 1991, and they are already painted, but they require fixing holes and smoothing. Given I...
  10. A

    Unusual ceiling stain after decorating, please help

  11. W

    Fitted cabinets paint room or wait?

    Hi, We are due to move in to our new house soon. It is a victorian property with a fireplace in the living room and once settled in we plan to have some cabinets built in to the alcoves either side of the fireplace. We will have access to the new house a couple of weeks before we need to...
  12. M

    Crown fastflow quick dry satin... very shiny

    Can any decorator types help me with this please? I’ve been painting a cabinet in Crown fastflow quick dry satin and I’m not that happy with the result. The cabinet is mid century teak veneered, gave it a sanding, clean and two coats of zinsser. Applied two coats of Satin and the finish is...
  13. K

    Is it acceptable quality?

    Hi everyone, What’s your opinion regarding quality of painting and plastering on the photos below? Not everything was replastered, only the ceiling on the first photo actually Is the painter responsible to fill and sand everything or not? Is it ok he didn’t paint behind the radiators? In case...
  14. A

    Painting on top of wallpaper backing paper

    I've removed the top layer of some wallpaper which has left its backing paper. Underneath the backing paper is lining paper. Can I paint over the wallpaper backing paper or I'm I going to have to strip back to the plaster, reline it again and then paint? Please note I can't paint directly...
  15. S

    Priming Old Plaster (poor paint adhesion)

    Hello, Looking for some advice about primer. We have stripped the walls in our 1930s house. The walls are in quite good condition, nice and flat. In one room, we have sanded down, filled any minor dents, painted one coat of basic white emulsion, then our colours on top. The problem is, the...
  16. I

    Mystery black layer on wooden stairs

    Hello, I've just done a patch test on our stairs which have many layers of poorly applied paint, as I was looking into restoring them back to wood. Our house is built early 1950s for reference. While paint stripping, I found a couple layers of white emulsion, then a semi gloss cream coloured...
  17. D

    Does scaffolding tower have to be flush to the wall?

    Upstairs window frames really need painting. Haven't done it before, but hiring a scaffold tower seems to be a reasonable compromise between cost and safety. E.g. However, the problem is one of the upstairs windows is directly above the front door, which...
  18. Laura2307

    Mist coat patches

    Hi, I have just done a mist coat on a newly plastered wall. There are patches where the mist coat doesn’t seem to have taken fully. Would this be ok to paint over in 24 hours? Or do I need to put something else on the wall?
  19. S

    Help please! Removed drywall paper, to skim coat or use lining paper?

    Hi all, I am a novice DIYer and I would appreciate any help. I attempted to remove very old painted wallpaper which seems to have also removed the (brown) drywall paper with it. Leaving the the exposed gypsum (good condition). How do I go about in fixing this? I was thinking of removing any...
  20. L

    Hairline cracks in old plaster

    Recently moved into a 1930s home and started prepping the bedroom for decorating last week. After removing an old fitted wardrobe, we were left with a half painted wall edged in silicone. On removing the silicone, sections of the paint came with it, so we decided to strip it entirely. The old...