1. T

    Re-painting Bathroom ceiling (flaking pain)

    Hi all, Some of the paint of my bathroom ceiling has started to flake off, so I figure that's a useful prompt as any to re-do it. Just a quick few queries - would it be okay to remove the flaking paint, and then paint over the whole ceiling again (with Dulux Easycare, or similar) or do...
  2. R

    Kitchen top shelves - uneven ceiling

    Dear Forum Members, I am planning to install additional MDF shelves on top of the existing kitchen cabinets, and I have noticed that my ceiling is uneven: The existing cabinet is installed correctly - I've checked the top of it with spirit level meter. Therefore I 'blame' the ceiling. I've...
  3. A

    How to cover cracks on ceiling

    Hi there, I have started my first renovation and will be living in the property myself, so attention to detail is paramount to me. In the lounge, I am going to be leaving the centre of the ceiling exposed but there are some white areas around the sides and through part of the middle (I'm not...
  4. bettz1

    How to deal with a screw pop

    Hi we've a few of these around the house and I think there called screw pops? What's the best way to deal with these,as I'm wondering if I fill over them will they just come back again? Is it worth taking the screw out?
  5. C

    Fireproofing old 96-inch ceiling plasterboards

    Hi, I've just bought a house which has a 1960s bedroom extension above the original 1930s garage. The ceiling panels are standard 9.5mm-thick plasterboard, but there is no fireproofing, which is now required - naturally I want to protect the bedroom above as best as possible. I'm considering...
  6. A

    batten and overboard a ceiling for skim

    Hi, I have a uneven ceiling that i plan on battening with 50x25mm roofing battens and then screw 9.5mm plasterboard reading for skimming. Can someone tell me if I need to batten along the length of each joist and pack out or is it better to fasten the battens perpendicular the joists and pack...
  7. Fishwalker

    Hallway plasterboard job walls not level

  8. K

    Primer / mist coat came off in patches when removing wallpaper

    Hi, We recently moved into a new house and stripped a bedroom of really thick wallpaper that had also been painted. On taking off the wall paper it has also removed some of the primer / mist coat from the plaster in some quite big patches on two walls (see photos). We want the end finish to...
  9. K

    Help - Anyone, ceiling tiles are asbestos ?

    I'm in Spain ... ceiling with water damage .. need to repair ceiling tiles & plaster after fixing leak .. I'm worried these ceiling tiles may be asbestos insulation tiles .. this extension was done in the mid 70-80 's in Spain .
  10. J

    How best to attach this light fitting to the ceiling?

    I bought this light fitting second hand and it didn't come with any fixings. As you can see from the photos, the screw holes are not on the sides of the ceiling mount unit so buying the usual metal bracket for this wouldn't work. Should I screw the fitting directly into the ceiling using Rawl...
  11. S

    painted ceiling gone wrong

  12. I

    Ceiling Flush Light

    Good Evening gents, I have a couple of queries about this light fixture. Photos attached. The lighting upstairs is on a spur so it's not complicated to wire up. I put a smaller version of this one up in the little room a week ago but this big unit has thrown me a bit. The instructions are...
  13. P

    Insulating integral garage ceiling

    Hi All I wondered if you could assist me please as I am in the middle of insulating the ceiling of an integral garage/utility room and making a bit of a hash of it! There is a bedroom above the garage which gets cold. I have put 100mm of PIR between the joists right up against the floor...
  14. J

    Plasterboard ceiling with multifinish and mdf stair opening. can I joint them?

    I have to sort out a detail which seem very tricky. I have ceiling with multifinish which stops at the stair opening and then I have the stair opening itslef which need to be wrapped up with MDF to have a strong edge whcih carry over to the above flooring. I would like to have a seamless on...
  15. M

    Garage ceiling

    Hi, this is my first ever post so please be gentle. I have a garage in a block of two and I would like to make it a little better for storage. As it's all very open around the top (the dividing wall only goes up to the bottom of the roof slope) I was wondering if a ceiling might help as a first...
  16. George Hartshorn

    Chasing Cables - remove ceiling, or horizontal chasing?

    Hello, I have a basement flat which currently has surface mounted sockets. I want to chase all of these in whilst I am refurbing it, and when my electrician came round he mentioned that I would need to remove the ceiling to put all of the cables in, and then chase down the walls to where I...
  17. T

    Covering unused smoke detector hole

    Hi all, this is my first post on this forum, but I suspect not the last one... I'm replacing one of my ceiling mains-powered smoke detectors with a battery-powered one that is also much smaller. The diameter of the old one was 12cm and the diameter of the new one is 6cm. After taking off the...
  18. T

    Ceiling stains - best fix?

    Hi, first time poster here and sorry this is a bit of a long one. We have rusty reddish coloured marks coming through on a bedroom ceiling, in the corner nearest to the guttering. See photo. The same thing happened in May last year and the roofer we used fixed it by installing new lead...
  19. S

    Mounting a heavy light

    Hi, I'm looking to install a heavy (about 4kg) light to replace some old ones in our living room. The original one was just mounted on the plasterboard. I'm not confident that this will support the light, so want to mount it into the beam above the plasterboard ceiling. This is however 85mm...
  20. F

    Are these plasterboard cracks in ceiling?

    Hi there, Just wanted some advice. From googling lots, I think the cracks we have in the ceiling above our stairs/landing are just the plasterboard joints? If anyone can confirm this and am I right in thinking I use joint tape and plaster to fix them?