1. T

    Removing PVC ceiling cladding

    Hi guys, We've got PVC ceiling cladding in our bathroom which temporarily needs removing from one end of the bathroom (see image below). Does anybody know how to remove these? I would imagine I need to remove the coving first but the coving appears to be firmly attached to the panels. Any...
  2. Jasmine993

    Should I be worried by my cracked and possibly bulging ceiling?

    Wondering if there’s any one around for some advice over the ceiling, I’m overthinking it and getting paranoid the ceiling is falling in... Living in a private rental, I think built late 80s / early 90s. The house is honestly covered in hairline cracks across every room where the walls meet...
  3. A

    Ceiling - take down or board

    Plasterboard ceiling that has water damage in one place. Better to board over or replace with new board. One section has crumbled away. Attic has the usual fibreglass insulation and this strange stuff between the joists that's like a cross between wool and ground up cardboard. I've had the artex...
  4. C

    Repair Artex ceiling leak and plasterboard join cracks

    Hi, Front bedroom Artex ceiling is damaged from past leak, couple of bits where it sticks downwards and there is a crack from wall to wall, possible to repair? Or job for a plasterer? Other rooms have cracks wall to wall which I assume are between the plasterboard sheets.. is there an easy...
  5. I

    Small tiny bumps in ceiling

    Hi All, I was viewing a flat today in London (built in the late 90s) and everything went really well. The only issue is the ceiling around the apartment (not just in the bathroom) is filled with tiny small bumps. I was afraid it was mould etc so I climbed up to touch it but it was hard and...
  6. LynneHa

    Crack in ceiling plaster/paint

    There is a hairline crack along my bedroom ceiling. The ceiling is textured. It's in a straight line so I assume may run along a plasterboard above or some such. Its been here since I moved in 4 years ago and hasn't got any worse. I'd now like to redecorate the ceiling and room. I would like to...
  7. J

    Does this ceiling look like it contains asbestos?

    Hi, I'm in the process of getting my bathroom re-modelled and bits of the ceiling have dropped off. I have attached a pic of the plasterboard. I have ordered a testing kit but it won't arrive for a few days. My main concern is that due to the age of the house that it might contain asbestos. Is...
  8. L

    Cracks along edge of ceiling and walls

    I'm considering putting in an offer on a house but most rooms have cracked sections around the edge of the ceiling where the plasterboard seems to be pulling away from the walls. The property is a 3 storey terraced built in 2002. A couple of the rooms also have floor to ceiling cracks down the...
  9. J

    Ceiling under new stair curved with batten. Help from where I start

    I have got installed new stair and now need to get ceiling up. I have no idea from where to start with batten. I have attached photos below. Any advise would be appreciated
  10. G

    Bathroom inline extractor fan in loft

    I want to install an extraction vent in the ceiling of the shower cubicle: Is this a done thing/recommended in general? If I use an inline extractor fan which is installed in the loft as shown above, does this count as a non-classified area (DIY fair game)? Are there any kits for this type...
  11. M

    Coving Dropped Ceiling

    Fitting coving to the living room and I've noticed that the ceiling across the chimney breast has a fairly noticable drop. Over the span from right to left it's around 20mm. Normally I'd just fit the coving and allow it to follow the ceiling dip. In this case there is a big old mirror which will...
  12. J

    Shower extractor fan ceiling mounted. Which one is the best

    I have a bathroom in the loft which need a ceiling mounted extractor fan. I`m struggling to set my mind on what I have to buy and install. I came across some inline model which seems very powerfull but not sure how this will be installed under the ceiling and how easy would be to replace in the...
  13. L

    Notches in Purlin

    Hi, hope this is in the right place. I’m currently renovating an old house (1900ish), and looking for some advice. I’ve recently removed the pine-clad ceiling in the bathroom with a view to replacing it with plasterboard. Half of the ceiling is sloped with the roof and the other half has been...
  14. S

    Ceiling with 9.5 or 12.5 plasterboard?

    I am using plasterboard on an angled understairs wc ceiling. Which is typically used for a ceiling or does it make any difference? 9.5mm or 12.5 min?
  15. H

    Does this ceiling look like it contains asbestis

    I have a leak in my kitchen ceiling. I am worried if this is asbestos-containing material. I am looking to get a professional to test it but in the mean time I would like to know if I can go in there and make food/drink. These are the pictures: Thanks for reading. Any help is appreciated.
  16. R

    Fixing Noggins & Plasterboard to Roof Trusses

    We have a garage that has a trussed roof that I want to install a plasterboard ceiling. We have to double board it to meet Building Control approval. To allow edges of the plasterboard to be supported I need to add noggins between the roof trusses, (trusses are at 500mm spacing). Am I...
  17. Macca Wacca

    Peeling Paint on Bathroom Ceiling - Is This The Correct Approach To Repaint?

    Hi there! I've recently managed to strip the majority of paint from a flaking and peeling bathroom ceiling that contained 2-3 paint layers in some areas. After stripping away the paint, I can see that the previous ‘painter’ painted over mould in some areas, however filler was added in areas to...
  18. M

    Barn ceiling

    I’m trying to fit a barn ceiling For an office but have come a cropper. I want to fit plasterboard between rafters but because I have installed celotex between them I have nothing to attach the boards to. My suggested option is to build a framework inside the rafters with timber. 1. would this...
  19. 5

    Painting a plastic kitchen ceiling?

    Hi Recently moved into a new house and I'm looking to do a quick, cheap makeover of my kitchen as I can't afford to rip it all out and get a brand new one just now. One of the things I want to do is try and paint the horrible old plastic(!) ceiling that's in there (see pictures attached). How...
  20. D

    skim or dryline + skim etc prices?

    Can anyone help me with this? The online calculators are pretty basic and don't really do the job. Am in a reasonably prosperous town in Wales. Have had prices of 1.5k and 2k? Any help would be appreciated. 5x4x2.3m room. How much is reasonable to pay for: A) 2 coat skim on pre boarded TE...