1. Molsy

    Loft ceiling cladding

    Can anyone suggest a budget (white) cladding to hang under rafters in a cold loft that will look half decent? I have to cover approx 16000 mm x 2600 mm So far I've found 3m long hollow PVC soffit. Will this be suitable? TIA
  2. A

    Need help repairing asbestos Artex ceiling

    Hi, in my bedroom the ceiling is starting to flake in places. Here is the first place - https://imgur.com/HEa2k2X and here is the other side of the room - https://imgur.com/uFLJofw . I had a sample tested and it came back positive for Chrysotile, what can I do to make sure asbestos fibres aren't...
  3. T

    Overboarding lath and plaster ceiling + install new downlights

    Hi all, I live in a Victorian semi with original lath and plaster ceilings. They are a bit discoloured and cracked, but nothing major and still flat. They look tired though and I'm planning to overboard, skim and re-paint them. I've considered pulling them down but the house is fully furnished...
  4. J

    Plastering existing wall, ceiling questions and doubts HELP!

    I found out that the ceilings on my first floor were renovated but the laths were kept and pins were used instead of screws. My first question. Is it worth to remove the old plasterboard attached to lath and replace with a fresh one and maybe just tape and joint or new plaster? Why the lats...
  5. S

    Outbuilding new ceiling

    The stay at home situation has made me think about sorting out a home office pretty sharpish, and I plan to finish an outbuilding conversion started by previous owners. They had trades in and got most of the way there apart from the ceiling. My plan is to keep things simple and frame across...
  6. F

    New wall boards against existing ceiling

    Hi, what to do about the joint with the ceiling when replacing wall plasterboards and skimming. The ceiling is enormous so I won’t be re-skimming that. If I don’t do anything I’m going to see cracks. Coving isn’t an option
  7. K

    Painting interior uPVC

    Hi, I want to clad a scruffy bedroom ceiling using "uPVC hollow board for soffit and interior cladding". I'm using this because it's lightweight and cheaper than wood paneling. It's the usual white colour, but I want to paint it (probably a cream colour), so it looks more like wood cladding...
  8. J

    Advice please for kitchen extractor installed badly

    Hello all, I'd love to hear people's thoughts please on the kitchen extraction we have going on in our house. We're a typical red brick victorian terrace. 4 years ago our builder built us a nice new kitchen, installing a false ceiling with spotlights etc. They also installed a flue hose from...
  9. T

    Fitting restraint strapping ceiling joists?

    Hi guys/gals, I’ve recently had my building regs drawings through from my architect for a loft conversion where the truss roof is coming down and new roof put up, it states “restraint strapping - ceiling joists and rafters to be strapped to walls and gable walls, straps built into cavity across...
  10. C

    Asbestos advice

    Hello, My husband and I have already taken down a partition wall and unattractive cupboard in our kitchen, we have yet to take the ceiling down. We are then having a new ceiling and walls re plastered. Whilst doing research online I discovered that some properties have asbestos I the walls...
  11. M

    Bathroom celing asbestos

    my bathroom ceiling was a bit mouldy, so i painted it white. i think it had got so damp and mouldy that some of the ceiling near to the extractor had cracked and fallen off - I'm worried it could be asbestos. what do people think? please see pictures. the house was built in 1971 in ellesmere...
  12. D

    Twin thread or Coarse drywall screws? What difference? etc

    12mm PB going up on ceiling, what difference does it make wether twin or coarse? Are twin/coarse intended for different purposes? I had to shim the underside of joists with 9.5 ply strips, panel pin and pva fixed, so I'll probably use longer than the usual recommended 38mm (not that 38mm...
  13. C

    Lath & plaster ceiling & cornice - repair and paint in old Victorian house

    Hi all, I have a lath & plaster cracked ceiling repair to do and I need some advice on how to best tackle this problem. The cracks extend to the cornice as well, so those cracks need to be filled, made good and painted as well. Originally, the hall ceiling was covered with woodchip wallpaper. I...
  14. D

    Soundbloc plasterboard

    I'd like to use a soundproof plasterboard on this ceiling, what thickness do I need? It's just going to be a ground floor bedroom. What additional measures are necessary to make the use of a soundproof plasterboard effective?
  15. R

    Remove artex and wall/ceiling radius

    Hi all, A house I am purchasing has this Artex and a radius between the wall and ceiling. Anyone have idea how this is done and how easy it would be to remove and replaster for a 90 degree angle. Also I believe I would need an asbestos test before even thinking of removing it? Covedceilingtwo...
  16. M

    Ceiling patches after painting ceiling Help. (Prior patch work fix) PU flex filler. Help

    Hi All, I have run into a slight problem, my ceiling had some very bad cracks in them, I reached out to my plaster who plastered the ceiling and cracks. A month passed and the same old cracks returned. Mist coat was applied to the new plaster ceiling after a few weeks. I informed my plasterer...
  17. M

    Best method to filling coving gaps please help thanks.

    Hi Guys, Could anyone please assist me on the best method for filling in gaps between coving corners. Sadly, my plasterer could not level the walls or ceilings in my home when re-plastering the home. The condition of the walls and ceiling were much worse and out of level by far, though, things...
  18. X

    Ceiling paper peeling... Fix?

    Hi all Back once again! The property is an 1860's terrace with lovely high ceilings, cornicing and ceiling centres. As you can see in the pictures the wallpaper on the ceiling has lifted at the seams. It is nonetheless lovely paper and I am wondering if there is an effective fix for this...
  19. cwhaley

    Curtain Pole on Ceiling

    I'm nipping around to a friend's at the weekend to look at putting up a curtain pole for them. Currently they have blinds which are attached to the ceiling. By the looks of it, someone in the past has screwed timber into the ceiling joists and then screwed the blinds into that timber. There's...
  20. D

    Ceiling/walls - what order?

    As part of an extension I'm converting a car port to a room, the old car port has another room above it. Would I plasterboard (insulated type for heat retention/sound proofing)) the ceiling before I do the walls? Do the recessed edges that take the joint tape/mesh run parallel to the ceiling...