1. Peter1954

    Lining an awkward ceiling

    Back again! This time it is lining an awkward ceiling which slopes evenly both sides: This is what it looks like! A sort of mansard roof Angled at both sides, about 2ft, then straight across the ceiling. The ceiling is about 4 metres on the flat. I know the obvious answer is...
  2. B

    Ceiling falling plaster

    Any advice on 1m squared plaster fallen from ceiling lathes near back door? Is it best to cut back to solid then either board or use a bonding coat?
  3. C

    Damaged Lath and Plaster Ceiling

    We are currently refurbishing our bathroom and installing a new suspended plasterboard ceiling to replace a suspended tongue & groove ceiling. When removing the t&g ceiling this evening, I noticed that the old lath & plaster ceiling above has a large hole in the plaster, about 50 x 80cm...
  4. J

    Re-Routing Electrical Cables In The Cellar

    I've just moved into a Victorian property with a cellar that I'd like to convert into a proper utility area for now and liveable space in the long-term. There are effectively three rooms in the cellar: one below the hallway, one below the living room (front) and one below the dining room (rear)...
  5. C

    Fixing up an old shed

    Hi, I want to fix up this old shed.. I think the side has had leaves pile up from the trees, the bottom tongue and groove panel is totally rotten. The one above probably needs replacing too. They sell some the right size at B&Q? Inside the ceiling is all black - but doesn't seem rotten, but...
  6. J

    Plastic Ceiling – Condensation

    I have a small kitchen (2.0m x 3.9m) with a low (2.1m) ceiling. I am going to have a new kitchen fitted and plan to do a lot of the prep work myself. The current ceiling is plasterboard and is badly marked and as I want the spot light in new positions I need to replace it. I wondered if there...
  7. K

    Ceiling repair after water leak, does this look ok?

    Hi all I had to have a section of ceiling cut out. This is the result after the work was completed. To me the seams/joins aren't blended. Will paint sort it.? Thanks in advance Caroline
  8. D

    Ceiling cracks and damp, Roof damage? Extent of damage and repair?

    Damp and cracks in communal hallway, ceiling shown in image, roof is above the hallway ceiling. I have enhanced the image to make it more visible. Here is what it looks like in reality without photo enhancement exaggeration, and how it actually looks like in real life. The tenants and...
  9. D

    Repairing artex and split plasterboard after flood.

    I have a hole in a ceiling from a water leak. See image below. Ruler is 30cm. What would you suggest to fix? Would you patch in the flaps or artex and paint, and try and make it invisible, after repairing the split between the plaster board? Or perhaps skim over the entire ceiling with plaster...
  10. Richard Saunders

    Boarding and plaster boarding a loft space

    Basically I wonder if anybody could give me any tips on making my loft space into a nice clean usable area. First of all I am not putting in any stairs I am still going to be using the existing loft ladder the space up in the loft is very large indeed I was hoping it would be okay to keep the...
  11. R

    Drylining 60m2 garage ceiling

    My garage has a beam and block ceiling. To make it 'nicer' I plan to install a plasterboard ceiling under it. With it being so big (roughly 8m square) I'm not sure how to go about it. The two options I see are: 1. Wooden battons screwed to the beams, then attach plasterboard to those. I'd like...
  12. S

    Attaching Curtain Rail Batten to Ceiling Problems

    Hi, Hope someone might be able to help. I am trying to fix 3 x wooden battens to the ceiling of a bay window of a house built circa 1925. Above the ceiling is the outside, small sloping tiled roof. As i understand this may be a lath & plaster ceiling and not a standard one. The ceiling...
  13. R

    How should I remove paint from bathroom ceiling?

    Hi, I am currently decorating my house to make it look presentable for sale. The bathroom ceiling has been getting flakey for a while now so I have decided to tackle it. However, what I thought would be an easy fix, has turned into a bit of a nightmare really. I have been tackling the ceiling...
  14. Marylin123

    Ceilings slope toward outer walls

    Hi all, Planning to decorate a house we've just moved into, first job to plaster over the artex ceilings. Wondering if anyone can answer why the ceilings slope towards the outer walls at the front and back of the house - the ceilings are the same in every room on the first (top) floor of the...
  15. C

    Ceiling problem

    Here are some images of the kitchen ceiling where the oil boiler exits the room from above. I have chipped off the old plaster to reveal this. The height of the ceiling appears to have dropped around the pipe. Any advice most welcome.
  16. T

    Ceiling cracks - top floor of 1900 terraced house

    Hi, I'm hoping for some advice for what to do about a couple of ceiling cracks. I'm a bit of a novice on this kind of thing, so thanks in advance. My bedroom on the top floor of a 1900 terraced house has two cracks which both originate at the corner of the ceiling and an interior wall. They run...
  17. T

    10 x 2 joist centres for flat roof

    Hi all, I'm putting 10 x 2 joists in for a flat roof. The span is about 3m from wall plate into steel and then the same out of the other side of the steel to the fascia. The steel section is 254 tall so I've gone for 10x 2 to give a flat roof and a flush ceiling. Can anyone advise on the...
  18. W

    Straight cracks in ceilings

    Hi, I have seen a few posts about similar online but was hoping hat somwone can settle my nerves as some places say, nothing to worry about. But other places suggest structual issues.. I have just bought a house 6 months ago and have recently taken off ceiling paper and repainted. Now parralel...
  19. D

    Bulge in corner of ceiling

    First time post here. There is a slight bulge in the corner of our living room ceiling where it meets the staircase. The bulge is dry and can be pushed upwards. It is a semi detached property which is around 30 year old. We've been in it now for about 6 months now and looks to have just been...
  20. L

    Silicone on painted ceiling

    Hello there, can I please have some advice. I have a tiled bathroom to the ceiling all around. The ceiling is plasterboard, skimmed and painted. I have siliconed all around where the tiles and the ceiling meets. I have painted the ceiling before the tiles went up (might have been where it went...