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    1930s Drains, water, stink under floor

    Hi All, Looking for some advice, I was looking to extend my drainage for a new conservatory however after breaking through a concrete floor and digging down I’ve noticed a foul smell. Having dug further there’s a lot of water around the foul drainage soil pipe (see photo). It doesn’t drain away...
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    Water pooling in pitched roof felt underlay

    Hi everyone, just looking for a bit of independent advice until I get a professional in to take a look. We moved into a 20 year old house about 2 years ago, house had been empty for a few months and there had obviously been some escape of water/roof leak at some point and the plasterboard...
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    New felt fitted - pooling?

    Hey hey, I had a new felt put on my flat roof extension. Ply + insulation underneath deemed to be in good condition so those remained. Noticed after it rained a bit of pooling in 2 spots. Raised it with roofer and was told that generally you'll have some surface water on a flat roof and it's...
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    Cheap easy way to stop water buildup and leakage from a balcony the builder messed up

    We have a garage with an unfinished apartment above it which has a balcony. Whoever built it did not put a slope to drain the water. Its down to plywood as the flooring. In the past we have had a tarp over the balcony nailed to the railing and side of the garage but snow, heavy rains and wind...