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    PowerFlush Best Practices

    Hi, For reference this is off the back of another post regarding my WB 28i here: https://www.diynot.com/diy/threads/worcester-bosch-greenstar-28i-junior-combi-boiler-help.564499/ I am going to borrow a power flusher and have an engineer set it all up for me so that I don't goof it up! The plan...
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    British Gas HomeCare refusing to fix boiler unless customer agrees to PowerFlush

    Would appreciate others thoughts on whether the behaviour of British Gas is legal under the terms and conditions of their HomeCare T&Cs and whether the requirement for a Powerflush is genuinely necessary. (Appreciate it’s possibly not the right site for my question on the legality of their...
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    Reality of not using cleaner after installing new radiators in a clean system

    Regarding: Clean sealed central heating system, powerflushed and inhibitor added a few years ago and system water still remains clear as tap water. Question: After cleanly installing a few brand new radiators with no flux, in reality is cleaner really required before fully flushing the system...
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    New magnetic filter AND powerflush needed, or just new filter?

    Hey everyone, We had a new combi boiler (Ideal Logic Combi 35) installed with a magnetic filter (Ferrox TF1) about 5 years ago. At the time the system was apparently powerflushed by the installer (it was definitely drained, as i guess it needs to be, but the plumber was not very...
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    Boiler problems in big house - Change required?

    Let me first list the set-up we have: Vaillant ecoTec Plus 637 system boiler Zilmet unvented hot water cylinder with external expansion vessel 1 zone valve for Central Heating 1 zone valve for hot water cylinder 1 Grundfos 15-50/60 circulation pump (on flow pipe from boiler) 16 radiators...