premier 24

  1. C

    Fire / smoke detectors

    Hello all. I'm looking at fitting 4 detectors to my alarm system which is a texecom prem elite 24. Non richochet. Can any one recomend a particular detector. TBH been looking through. And installation manual says 2 wire detectors. And all I can find is 4 wire detectors. Hope you can help
  2. E


    Can you tel me what is wrong whith a TEXECOM DT AFG-001 connect to a TEXECOM PREMIER ELITE 24. ZONE CONFIGURATION : EOL ONLY alarm anti tamper works. The motion detector do not work THANKOU. Portugal
  3. S

    Premier 24 Not Triggering Alarm

    Hi, any help appreciated. Premier 24 not triggering alarm. No system faults, have just changed 6 x PIR's for Premier Compact PW PIR'S, all walk test fine, arm the system, get exit timer warning, system arms. Trigger any PIR and system does not alarm. PIR's Wired as 2 wire N/C. All bell tests...
  4. A

    Texecom smart key panic Texecom

    Hi I have set up and have working a Smart Key on my Prem Elite 24, how do I activate the Panic feature (the press and hold disarm and power keys for 4 seconds)? Thanks
  5. janieJones123

    Finding out engineer code - Premier 24

    Hi all, I have recently had a system fault reported on my alarm (Telecom Premier 24 Plastic), saying Battery Fault. I've read on here that these are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace yourself (I found this guide also...
  6. A

    Can't hold off external sounder - Texecom Premier 24

    Hi. I'd be grateful for some help please. I need to turn off the power to my Texecom Premier 24 (V8.00) to do some upgrades, but I can't get the bell into hold-off mode so it goes off when I remove the power to the main panel. I think (but am not sure) that the bell is a Texecom Odyssey...
  7. B

    Telecom premier fault chirp

    Hi all!! I have a smartcom, premier elite 24, and my broadband has been down for 4 days now, intermittently coming back up with a fix ETA of another few days. Is there any way to disable fault chirp via RKP to avoid it bleeping at ridiculous o clock in the morning? I have a RKP in my bedroom ...