principal elevation

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    A question of Principal Elevation

    Hello Forum, I would like to build a shed (log cabin) in my garden, and would like to ask your opinion on it's placement. The house as we use it (same for all 4 houses in the street), is pretty much back to front, i.e. road access is via the rear, primary access and post delivered at the rear...
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    Principal Elevation

    Hi. Can anyone tell me if a principal elevation can change after alteration of a house?The widest part of my house fronts the road and historically the front door was here. The house is around 150 years old. 5 yrs ago we made a "side door" the front door and access it by drive and blocked in old...
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    Principal elevation challenged for a 40 year old shed!

    We own a detached house built in 1929 on an old farm estate. The only access to our house originally led from the south (front) of our house down a shared access lane/drive leading to the left, down to the main road. In the 1950s this driveway was given up and access was then down the farm...