programmable room thermostat

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    Replacing Horstmann Centauplus c17 with Google Nest. Wiring

    Hello, I've currently got an air to water heat pump being controlled via a Centaurplus c17 series 2 with Honeywell thermostats in every room. I'm looking to replace the Centaurplus with a Google Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation. I'll attach photos of internal wiring diagrams and...
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    Recommendations to replace HCW80 wireless thermostat

    Hello, I have the HCW 80 thermostat installed with the HC60NG (relay module). They are both working fine but I would like to replace the thermostat with a programmable version to set a day and night temperature, but keep the same relay without needing to call in an electrician to replace both...
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    Replacing failed Danfoss 103 timer

    Hi, My flat has an old pumped central heating and gravity hot water system controlled by a Danfoss 103 electric-mechanical timeswitch. [Correction from ianmcd, below: It is not gravity HW. It is an open vent system with pumped HW]. No room thermostat. Hot water and heating cannot be switched...
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    How do I Programme my Salus RT510TX?

    Hello, I have had a boiler fitted that came with an RT510TX programmable thermostat. I was given a fold out booklet to accompany this which contains details as to how to set the time and pair it with the boiler. Unfortunately it does not come with any kind of clear instructions as to how to...
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    Heating Programmer and Programmable Room Thermostat

    I am after some advice - my Central Heating has a Sunvic 207xls 2 ch programmer installed as well as a Programmable Room Thermostat in the hall downstairs. Can anyone offer any advice on the best practice for setting these items up to maintain efficiency on my system. I currently have the...