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    Pressure limiter

    Can anyone recommend a pressure limiter to use with a water softener? The instructions say if the pressure is above 5 bar, limit it to 3.5 bar. I've told the plumber several times but he hasn't done it so I plan to buy it and give it to him to fit the next time he visits. Thanks
  2. G

    How to fit pressure relief valve

    Hi, how do I fit this, it looks like it needs some more fittings to make it useable like the one already fitted in the picture? Thanks
  3. J

    Has this been carried out properly?

    I'm hoping some kind soul might be able to comment if this workmanship has been carried out properly? Situation is: previously an open vented system which has been converted to a sealed system (the benefits of which I'm still unclear on). As such, an expansion vessel was positioned in the...
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    Leak from PRV only when boiler is firing

    I have a Vitodens 222F boiler and it leaks from the PRV, not all the time, but only when the boiler is firing. My first attempt to fix this was to replace the PRV, which I have done twice now. This has not helped. I have also tested the PRVs that I removed and they don't leak when connected...
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    Installing open vent Vitodens Compact on sealed system

    Hello, I’ve bought a Vitodens WB1B316 Compact Heat Only Boiler, part no. 7416307, for use on an sealed system, replacing a 17 years old Baxi Potterton Promax 24HE. I'm trying to understand what do I need to get exactly for the Vitodens to work in a sealed system, as I'm supplying all the parts...
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    Losing pressure...

    Hi all. Short version: I have a combi boiler which is losing pressure. Long version: Boiler was losing pressure since around June/July. Put a bucket under the overflow and worked out that we were losing 1/2 pint per day. Boiler was serviced and fitted a new pressure relief valve on 11th...
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    Boiler dropping pressure

    Hello all, Just moved into a new house and was met with a nasty surprise. The boiler (Ferroli DOMICOMPACT F30D or F24D) is losing pressure within a span of 4 hours or so. It goes from 2.0bar down to 0.8 - 1.0 bar. The boiler itself appears to be working fine and heats the house up withouth a...
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    Ferroli 701 - Pressure Relief Valve passing?

    Hi All I have a Ferroli 701 Optima which leaks water through its CH 3 bar safety pressure relief valve. The water pressure on gauge NEVER goes above 1.2 bar though (with CH on or off). When i do put pressure in the PRV passes and it drop to zero over 10mins. The Pressure Gauge USED to go over...
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    Boiler pressure 3 bar.

    Hi all, I have a Vaillant thermocompact 628E, the pressure was around 0.6 bar (It should be around 1.0) so I filled it from the filling loop to around the number 1. Afterwards, I've noticed when the rads come on, the pressure on the boiler goes over the red line after the number 3, causing the...