1. Ollyfp

    Waterproof PVA as liquid DPM?

    Ok, so sometimes the internet can't answer a question, and that's where you guys come in! Go easy, I'm not good with the technical stuff! My question is simply this: if waterproof PVA is indeed 'waterproof', then why can't it be used as a cheap liquid DPM solution, instead of buying a two-part...
  2. T

    Aerated Concrete Block Preperation Prior to PVC Wall Cladding

    Hi everyone, first post, new to the forum, it's been a while since I've been on a forum (car foums back in the day) but gave up car money pits to get a house money pit instead. So, I am going to be PVC cladding the internal walls of my garage (same as Altro Whiterock). The reason being its more...
  3. DIYSimon141

    Wet room paint half nightmare help

    So I made a wet room. Half is wet - freestanding bath and shower, half has vanity unit toilet and, for arguments sake, is dry. I tanked the wet side - acrylic primer tanking strips tanking liquid before tiling. When tanking, i painted the primer and liquid 200-300mm into the dry half. Imagine a...
  4. S

    Self levelling compound on a shed floor

    I have a 3m x 3m Steeltech shed in the garden which has a concrete floor. Due to bad advice from the builder I sealed the floor with PVA. On dry days it does the job fine and keeps the dust down. However as PVA (I used Evo-Stik) is not waterproof, when it's raining the PVA sticks to my wet shoes...
  5. N

    Plaster, Paint and PVA

    Disclaimer: I'm not good with DIY at all, but lockdown and situations have forced us to do some stuff ourselves that we would normally contract out for. "Should have paid someone" isn't particularly helpful so I'll save your time writing in saying "I know" in advance. We've recently tried to...
  6. U

    Some of my slabs keep coming loose?

    Hi all, I have slabs at the top and bottom of my garden. The bottom ones are rock solid but the top ones keep coming loose. I've included a picture of one that came away completely the other day when my daughter stood on the edge of it (very nearly an injury - although her face was priceless!)...
  7. C

    PVA, SBR or BondIt?

    I have a brick wall that I intend to install a bath against with a fixed shower head: I'll use either tile backer board (insulation + cement layer) or hardibacker with a tanking kit; attaching via dot and dab (plasterboard adhesive) and screws + washers to hold it in. However, what's the...
  8. D

    Correct use of PVA when when patching render/skim over mesh.

    I would like to prevent edge contraction cracks when patching in over mesh (over cracks/helical) by using pva, left until tacky before applying render etc? Would this be before render and again before multi? What strength of pva? What ratio render mix? Do I need special sand (I just tend to use...
  9. T

    To PVA or not to PVA

    Stripped wallpaper from lounge walls. Under this was old emulsion over plaster, some emulsion came away with old paper leaving bare plaster. Having now filled and sanded I am ready to prepare the wall for re-papering. Advice from local major DIY store "specialist" was to use a 50:50 mix of PVA...
  10. E

    Lead paint? on walls

    A DIY frenzy over the BH weekend uncovered a layer of paint (rubberised by the steamer) underneath the paper. I peeled this all off and disposed of it, leaving another layer of yellowish paint with a powdery finish on the wall and a few cracked areas revealing another layer of green paint...
  11. G

    Painting on Tanking Slurry

    Hi, I am going to paint over tanking slurry with weather shield masonry paint. The slurry is pretty dusty though. Would it be wise to spray/paint with PVA/SBR bond first? Thanks in advance Graham