Waterproof PVA as liquid DPM?

28 Sep 2020
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United Kingdom
Ok, so sometimes the internet can't answer a question, and that's where you guys come in!
Go easy, I'm not good with the technical stuff!
My question is simply this: if waterproof PVA is indeed 'waterproof', then why can't it be used as a cheap liquid DPM solution, instead of buying a two-part resin system for £100 a tub?
Standard PVA, as we all know, breaks down and goes white when exposed to moisture, but in theory, waterproof PVA shouldn't, because it's, well... waterproof!
Your thoughts? Thanks in advance!
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Thanks. I've used the two part resin on a damp concrete floor in an old Victorian place. Covered the whole floor and went up the wall 2" on all sides. It's brilliant stuff and the new glueless karndean can literally just sit on top. It's an expensive solution, but at least you get peace of mind.
I was only wondering about the waterproof PVA really. Seems the name is misleading!
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I'm waterproof, but you wouldn't use a fat old git like me for a DPM.
I guess not. Anyway, you're only waterproof if you're wearing pvc.
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