1. Romedan

    R6660D with fuse box to nest e thermostat heatlink

    I've had a quick look on the forum and have found similar but nothing I can see that's double cabled and with a fuse box. I think I've identified the black as C and grey as NO via the forum. Question is, what do I do with the wires from the boiler and fuse box. I'm assuming these do not go to...
  2. kpu56bl

    Can somebody check my wiring...? ☺️

    Good afternoon I'm installing a Hive and was wondering if somebody can verify my wiring for me? I have a Worcester combi boiler with a wireless Honeywell thermostat that's controlling a R6660D receiver unit. Would I be correct in saying both N wires would go to N in the Hive receiver, both L...
  3. shahbanaras

    Replace Honeywell R6660D with Drayton Wiser Multizone Thermostat

    Hello, this has probably been asked a thousand times already, would appreciate a few pointers or corrections before I go ahead as I'm a little nervous although confident in the set-up. I currently have a combi-boiler wired to a Honeywell R6660d Relay Box (thingy?!). There's a wireless Honeywell...
  4. Sebastião Schumaher

    Upgrade to Nest Thermostat E from Honeywell R6660D

    Hello guys, I am trying to figured out the wiring on my current Honeywell Receiver which works fine with my wireless Honeywell CM927. I am confused with the current wiring of my receiver - please see pictures which I will attach: current wiring: N blue cable (I guess neutral) L brown cable...
  5. A

    Switching Honeywell R6660D with BDR91 wireless relay box

    Combi boiler was connected to a Honeywell R6660D wireless relay box: N - Blue L - Empty L - Brown A - Empty B - White C - Black D - Empty E - Empty This has been swapped out and replaced with a Honeywell BDR91 wireless relay: N - Blue L - Empty L - Brown A - Empty B - White C - Black The...