Replace Honeywell R6660D with Drayton Wiser Multizone Thermostat

14 Sep 2020
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United Kingdom
Hello, this has probably been asked a thousand times already, would appreciate a few pointers or corrections before I go ahead as I'm a little nervous although confident in the set-up.
I currently have a combi-boiler wired to a Honeywell R6660d Relay Box (thingy?!). There's a wireless Honeywell CM927 thermostat that allows me to control central heating and the programming schedule. There is no hot water cylinder as such, just hot-water on demand.

I'm replacing this with Drayton Wiser Multizone kit-1 (single-channel), product manual states it is for combi-boilers.

Is the following wiring method correct for transferring to the drayton HUB.
Honeywell ---------------- Drayton

N (two blue wires) --------> N
L1 blank
L2 (two brown wires) -----> L

A (grey wire) ---------------> 1 (COM)
B (black wire) ---------------> 2
C,D,E (blank)
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If the version of the wiser you have if is like this.....



Honeywell N = Wiser N (2 x Blue Wires)

Honeywell L = Wiser L (2 x Brown Wires) [The two Honeywell L terminals are joined together internally so are effectively one terminal]

Honeywell A = Wiser 1 COM (Grey Wire)

Honeywell B = Wiser 3 ON (Black Wire) [Not terminal 2 'OFF' as per your post]

Don't add the link shown in the above diagram between L and 1

If your Hub has different connections than above, post back what they are.
I can confirm my HUB has the connections matching the picture in your response.

Soooo I ended up doing the wiring earlier today (couldn't wait! lol). I did it as outlined in my original post (see picture below). I've connected HW B to Wiser 2 OFF. I'll switch HW B to Wiser 3 ON tomorrow as you mentioned.

Could this explain why my boiler is constantly ON? I have installed and connected the Drayton Radiator Thermostats and they're all working as expected. All radiators started cooling down once the target temperature had been reached. Since there was no demand for CH, i assumed the boiler would also shut-off but it seems to be ON all the time.

Not sure why you think you need to make a connection to an 'off' terminal, it's there for a very rare type of system, and certainly not a combi. How you have wired it means it will work in reverse, the heating will be 'on' when the Wiser is 'off' and 'off' when the wiser is 'on'.

At least your mistake won't have damaged anything. Wiring these devices up incorrectly could cause damage to the wiser hub, your boiler or both. You have been fortunate.
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I have the above wiring and also wish to connect to the exact Drayton Wiser as above - can someone please tell me where the wires go on the new Drayton


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