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    Disconnect electric shower

    Hi there, I've recently renovated my bathroom including removing the old 10.5kw electric shower. The cable is still in place as impossible to remove. The cable from shower to isolator is disconnected and the mcb is switched off (taped down so no one switches on). When you test it the earth wire...
  2. B

    Toaster in kitchen tripping rccb

    Hi Yesterday our toaster started tripping the main rcb - we believe the toaster is faulty but would of expected the kitchen socket rcb to trip not the ring main rcb - the entire ground floor tripped) - is it expected the main would trip? echo0EA4E3BB-6F23-421E-BE44-7286D7BB619C by bainbrij...
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    RCD Tripping only on High Amp appliances

    Hi all We have 220V one phase power supply house with two floors Suddenly the Floor 1 RCD, trips when connects ANY high amp devices to the house such as vacuum cleaner, refrigerator etc in any floor. Otherwise it works fine on small amp devices.Now I'm using my computer without any RCD...