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    Combi boiler - do I need an appliance switch?

    Hello, We bought a house and in the kitchen, right next to the kitchen ceiling light switch there's an appliance switch (20A neon type) controlling the combi boiler installed upstairs in the bathroom. It's very confusing having 2 switches for 2 completely different things right next to each...
  2. D

    Avoid/change agreement to build parking spaces

    hello all, I'm trying to understand whether i can change an agreement that was made on a house I have bought, and avoid losing garden space, to parking space. I recently purchased a two-bedroom terraced house. When the seller made the original purchase, it included an adjacent plot of land. He...
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    Retaining Wall - Driveway - Scotland

    Hi We are an inexperienced couple who has had a driveway installed for approximately 10 years without planning permission. We have been advised that we should have sought permission from the council when another Neighbour reported the work. However basically what we did was have a digger come...
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    Manhole Advice/Help!

    Q.1 Hi I have an internal manhole cover that needs replacing as its not double sealed and doesn't meet regulatory standard. The existing frame clear opening measures at 760x610x3mm and doesn't line up exactly with the brick work opening all the way round, there is enough access to the chamber...