1. T

    Rear Extension

    Rear Extension Rear Extension re-development We are thinking about buying a house in England that has a rear extension. The house is from the 1930s, the existing rear extension was built before the current owners moved in so pre 2011, it is 3m in depth and the width on one side of the is...
  2. A

    Rules regarding size and clearances in bathroom

    Hello, I’m planning on converting my back bedroom into a separate shower room and bedroom. I’ve seen online a lot of guidance around clearances in front of toilets, part P for electrics etc but wanted to ask if there were any specific requirements for bathrooms. I.E you have to leave X amount...
  3. J

    Final check before ordering - garage conversion

    Hi all, Had loads of really useful help on here, special thanks to Woody on that front. Just wanted to list out everything i'm getting before putting quite an expensive order in (that I can't afford to get wrong). Plus it may help someone seeing this level of detail. I've spoke to building...
  4. T

    Multi fuel burners - are there regs on output vs room size

    I have a small sitting room, and would like to put in a multi fuel burner. The KW calculator says I only need a 2kw burner, but I'm not sure that they even exist. Are there regulations preventing me from putting (for example) a 5kw burner in?
  5. M

    Making loft meet fire regs

    Hi We're currently selling our house which we bought 18 years ago. The house has a loft conversion, and when we bought it the survey highlighted that it didn't meet current fire regs since it is open to the stairwell , i.e. stairs go to first floor, and then curl round and go up into the middle...
  6. DaveFix

    Fused spur - distance to draining board

    Hi all, Had a new sink fitted, kept the tap in the same place but now have the draining board on the right hand side. The socket and fused switch are horizontally less than 30cm from edge of draining board. I assume it's now against regulations? If so, can the fused switch comply with...
  7. J

    Flat roof on single storey extension has no insulation

    Hi, I've just had a steel put in to remove a pier between the kitchen and a single storey extension. I've been in the property a year and always thought the kitchen got far too cold. Turns out, its because there is no insulation in the flat roof on the extension. This was all signed off with...
  8. P

    Run pipes behind boiler

    Hi, I have an old traditional gas boiler (two pipe, fully pumped system, if that matters) sitting on the floor and touching the wall, as from the first pic. The second pic zooms in on a hole the boiler has in the rear, leaving a gap with the wall. I am planning to run two 15mm copper pipes...
  9. eveares

    Plastic bit on pull cord switches is for insulation/saftey reasons?

    Just started watching the following video, where it is claimed that the plastic bit in the string of pull cord switches is for insulation purposes and thus is a safety device. I can understand this if true, although is new news to me. Any truth to this, have you heard this before, and is there...
  10. S

    How much space from flue to shed

    Hi, I’m looking to relocate a shed. Does anyone know what the UK restrictions are as to how close it can be placed to the external flue? It’s one of the types of flues which emits straight out, its a new build. I presume there is a radial distance? thanks.
  11. P

    CWS float valve: part1/2 compatibility

    Tonight the arm of the ballcock feeding the cold water storage cistern in my attic broke (quite puzzling: maybe due to strong wind causing some turbulence??). Anyway, I need to replace it. I know it's faster to replace only the part inside the tank, undoing the very last compression nut. But...
  12. P

    One isolating valve on both loft tanks inputs?

    Hi, just after the mains stopcock under my kitchen sink I have a tee, one pipe to drinkable water+washing machine and the other to the loft cisterns (talking about an open vented pumped S-plan system, standard here in UK). I was wondering whether it is safe to add an isolating valve on the...
  13. 2

    Advice on electric regulations

    Hello, Had damp issue in my buy to let and got a system put in wherein they put outlets in the bedrooms and a fan sort of thing that pulls air in the property. The work seems to have been done fine but they didn't add a switch to turn the system off, they just wired it into a socket in the...
  14. T

    Existing to new foundation level?

    Hi I’m building a rear extension on my 2 bed bungalow. The existing foundation is a strip foundation, and it’s a fair way below ground level, I’d say 900mm. Because the ground is clay, we have a spec of a 600mm x 1000mm trench fill foundation. My question is, can this new foundation rise above...
  15. T

    Block and beam into existing wall??

    I’m building a rear extension on my bungalow. The block and beam floor has been designed so that the beams run parallel with the rear facing wall. So i understand that usually if they were running perpendicular, the beams would key into the existing wall and be supported by the load bearing...
  16. T

    What is a Fire cavity barrier?

    So I’m doing a loft conversion and extension on my 2 bed bungalow, the building regs notes asks for “fire resistant cavity barriers to be installed at tops of wall and gable end walls” anyone know what these look like? And can provide me with a link to the ones I need? It’s a full fill cavity...
  17. G

    FCU Feeding 2 Double Sockets - OK?

    Hi all, I had a similar thread a while ago but not wanting to necro-post it and also to try and ask a more specific question, I wanted to start a new one. So: I have a double socket in a hallway, with 2 cables going into it, so assuming that it's either part of a ring circuit, or the mid-point...
  18. T

    Boiler cupboard door regulations?

    Anyone know if I have to abide by any regulations for the type of door to be used on a boiler cupboard? Want to replace this ugly door with a spare Victorian pine door we have but not sure if that's actually allowed.
  19. B

    Bathroom plumbing, check valves and regulations

    Hi, I’m in the process of remodelling my bathroom. Currently at the stage of plumbing the bath and wall hung WC. I’m planing to install a toilet douche (thermostatic, it will need hot and cold supply) and for the bath, I have an overflow Hudson Reed filler. I would like to know if these two...
  20. J

    Does adding a 16A MCB to a spur meet regs, or do I need a 13A fuse?

    Hi, I have a new-build with (just about) attached garage which has one double socket and one light socket installed. The double socket is connected via a spur from the ring main for the downstairs sockets using a single 2.5mm T&E cable through the wall to the main house. Downstairs sockets are...