1. SpaghettiCat

    How to repressurise strange boiler?

    Hello, I have a Worcester Greenstar 25Si Combi MK IV boiler. Neither this model's manual nor all the Youtube tutorials on how to increase a boiler's pressure seem to correspond to what this boiler actually looks like: there is no slot for a filling link key, there is no keyless filling link blue...
  2. C

    Boiler repressurise question

    Hi. I have a Vaillant EcoTec Pro boiler. I've just tried to repressurise it as it's down to 0.5 bar. I seem to have only one valve for the filling loop though and when I turn it, water starts leaking out. (I quickly closed it again.) Should I be worried? I didn't wait a long time after turning...
  3. T

    Repressurise Ideal C24 boiler

    This question has come up before in this forum but my setup seems different. Can anyone please help? How do I go about repressurising my C24? Images attached. Thank you.
  4. H

    How to repressurise expansion vessel

    I've got a boiler and expansion vessel upstairs, and a few days ago, notices the upstairs shower had crap pressure. The pressure gauge on the expansion vessel shows next to zero, so it seems I need to repressurise it. There's a filling loop attached (as seen in the photo), but only one black...
  5. T

    Ideal 24 independent boiler pressure

    Hi all, this question has come up before but unfortunately I couldn't solve my issue from reading it! My pressure is down and I don't know how to repressurise. The manual helpfully simply tells you to do it. All YouTube videos refer to the filling loop which as far as I can see I don't have as...