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    Advice for radiator pipework first fix

    Hi all, I'm hoping for a little advice regarding my self build. I am planning on fitting all of the radiator pipework myself but have not yet decided on whether I am having a combi boiler or a solar heated water tank for my hot water or even a combination of them both or something else...
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    Controlling return temperature of CH boilers

    We've just had a new combi installed - a budget version Worcester Bosch Greenstar 1000 30kW. This replaced an old Baxi 105E 31kW that was falling apart. The WB unit is a nice boiler overall - the DHW arrives almost instantly - but I am disappointed to find it doesn't report the return...
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    Is it worth moving pipework to fit mag filter on return?

    I have a combi boiler that has no mag filter and the heat exchanger is getting full of crap from the system, which is costing me money (about £130) to get cleaned every year. I had a couple of plumbers round, one said he could fit mag filter for £300, which I assume would be on the flow, since...
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    Underfloor Over Temperature

    Hi. I am new to underfloor heating. I am in a new build. I have two pumps feeding two manifolds connected in parallel and feeding two different ground floor levels. There is a hot/cold mix dial for each so supply hot water is diluted to a lower temperature as I understand. While balancing, I set...