1. N

    Help please with outside ring floodlight cam

    Currently have a basic outside light on a switch but want to replace with a ring wired floodlight camera. I have extra wires because of the switch but for the life of me I can’t remember what slot I would put them into on the ring backing plate. As it only have E N L and existing has E N L1 L2...
  2. R

    Broken brick: poor trademanship?

    Hello. Got a Ring floodlight installed today and the traders have broken the brick on which they installed the mount (not saying anything to me afterwards). I understand you can drill outdoor brick without damaging it. Would this prove to be poor tradesmanship from them? Is the cam secure to the...
  3. Sunjat

    Boss/Soil rubber grommets kit?

    Hello all forum members, I've taken bathroom panel this morning and discovered water stain/patch under short boss connector and the bath waste. I've taken it out in order to try and sit it properly and discovered that inbuilt rubber ring has hardened, so it's leaking water. It's one of those...
  4. S

    Joining ring main in wall behind kitchen cupboards

    I removed our old kitchen cupboards yesterday and found the ring main has been joined using two choc blocks covered in insulating tape in an open cavity in the plaster behind one of the cupboards. What is the correct way to join those cables please? And can it be plastered / covered over or...
  5. cwhaley

    New Lighting Circuit

    In my new extension a qualified electrician will be extending the ring main of my existing downstairs circuit into my new extension. He lives nearby and to save him the work, I'll be clipping the T&E cable on the wall in runs to the various sockets (in the safe zones of course) as well as light...
  6. Steviejuk

    Connecting [Ring Video Doorbell Wired] to [Friendland 454]

    Hi, advice please, looking to connect a Ring Video doorbell WIRED to where my existing doorbell is, using same wires to power it. The chime box has these connectors, do I need to connect the Ring jumper wire to 3 (top left) and 4 (bottom left)? The box is mains connected (not battery) to a...
  7. Steph9852

    RING doorbell pro and existing wiring

    Hello, I'm a newbie so hopefully posted in the correct place. I bought a ring pro doorbell which I knew needed hard wiring. I thought it would be as easy to replace my old one with the new one. It isn't. As I've suggested I currently have a wired in doorbell, 8v transformer outside of my CU...
  8. I

    Ring Pro doorbell - power cable extension help

    Hi, I've just upgraded my Ring 2 doorbell to a powered Ring Pro doorbell. The problem I have is the power adaptor cable I bought is too short. I need to extend it but am not sure on what cable to use to extend it. I've gone to some local electrical suppliers, Homebase and a few other places...