1. T

    Garage Conversion - Large Span

    Hi, We are converting a double detached garage at the back of our garden. It will need building regs approval because of the size (45sqm) and being at the boundary on 3 sides. I am struggling with the roof - The open span of it (5.79m) is not even in the span tables so I am imagining we will...
  2. M

    Damp ceiling

    Hi everyone, hoping someone would provide some guidance if possible. In my house one of the bedrooms gets a bad damp problem from condensation, this looks to be the worst I’ve seen it. It was built in the 1950’s, there has been insulation laid in the attic, only on the ceiling level which I...
  3. C

    Going through the roof

    Hi Experts, I’m seeking as much advice as is reasonably possible, as I’ve no frame of reference to determine if the info I’ve been given is “Reasonable”, “On the high side” or just “bat **** crazy!” Here’s the background. My wife and I are looking to retire in Portugal. We’ve found a great old...
  4. S

    wet roof membrane

    Hello, I'm putting some new rafters into an edwardian butterfly roof, on the advice of a structural engineer, and when it rains there appears to be large water marks forming on the membrane. No water is getting through, but in the darkest spots, around the valley, it's starting to feel slightly...
  5. G

    Extra Fascia support on roof corner

    Fascia/soffit rotted away on a roof corner and collapsed ..... the fascia was fixed on 1 rafter tail only. the working space is only 230m wide/height to fix an extra support (a 2/4 with a 240mm torx) - "FIX 2" in the image.. impossible to drill into that space without removing any tiles or...
  6. C

    Chimney Repair Blues...What to do?

    Hi. My half of a shared chimney was recently worked on to repair a leak. Leadwork was replaced and the chimney was repointed. As I know next to nothing regarding these matters I thought I would offer some photos of the result for peer review. Is there anything that looks like a major issue...
  7. A

    External wall tiling - verge query

    I’ve had an apex conservatory roof replaced with a flat warm roof. The tile hanging is being replaced. The builder has put a full tile length as the bottom row. My neighbour says this is incorrect, that there should be a row of shorter tiles beneath this and overlapping (from below) the joins...
  8. A

    Coping stones no DPC

    I’ve recently moved into a house with a recent (5yrs) flat roof extension out the back. The extension has parapet walls topped with coping stones. Not long after we moved in we noticed damp at the right angle with the ceiling and after an inspection of the roof it seems there is either no DPC or...
  9. K

    Water getting into bedroom: £750 for two eaves protection systems, cement ridges/re fasten one loose slate

    Hi all - just wanting some advice. Recently bought a home 2 weeks ago and the survey didn’t pick up on any roofing issues. We had a few days of rain and noticed the front room had some wet patches/peeling paint on the ceiling, roughly behind where the guttering runs outside. The only issue the...
  10. J

    Dry Verge Leaking

    My dry verge is leaking (video below) I have been told by the builder that the roof has been installed correctly but they can't answer why this leak is happening on both side of my garage. Can anyone help please?
  11. charliedanlemon

    Insulation Detail Steel portal frame help please

    We are erecting a steel portal frame 8m x 12m i have positioned the 9 inch treated purlins with small wooden blocks beneath them so I can attach white corrugated tin beneath the wooden blocks will enable the edges of the corrugated tin to slide in, and sit over the i-beams by approximately 20 mm...
  12. T

    Roof battens not horizonal

    Hello everyone, My builders have installed these roof battens, however as you can see they are not horizontal and the lower battens are clearly sloping down. Is there an explanation behind this? The builders have said this is fine but I’m not sure how the tiles will be laid, and will the tiles...
  13. K

    Is this a poorly fitted roof flue?

    Plumber fitted new boiler recently and the new flue goes through a small pitched ground floor roof. Is this a bad job or am I being overly critical. Moreover, not sure the use of sealant/mastic under the sheet metal is a long term solution. Would value some opinions.
  14. J

    Advice - Roofing Air Gap Issues - Cold Roof

    Looking for some advice on roofing if I may: I’m building a cabin with cold roof in SW UK and concerned about the air gap between insulation and OSB deck. The roof comprises (inside to outside): 12mm Q mark plywood Thick vapour barrier (black DPM) that is fitted best I could but without butyl...
  15. D

    Leak coming through stairwell ceiling - multiple roofers contacted, but no clear solution?

    Hi all, In recent months, I noticed a leak coming through the middle of our house whenever the rain was heavy and constant. Our house is an old Victorian House with a slate roof, which is pitched, with a chimney in the 'gulley' in-between where the two roofs meet. One roofer said it was likely...
  16. Moonhead

    Protect flat roof

    I've got an old flat roof on my extension that is well due a change, it's not leaking but it's definitely dry and cracking in places and has a carpet of moss on it. We're planning on replacing the roof when we have the bathroom in the extension done next year. I've started to remove the moss...
  17. abg

    Roof repairs - advice needed

    Evening, New to the forum and so thanks in advance for any info provided. Trying to deal with a leak at my fathers house. The leak has been coming from this hip end of the roof and, I think, from the dislodged/broken arris hip tiles. All the arris tiles are fixed well but are loose but...
  18. B

    CF neighbour using my drains (edited)

    Hi all, hoping for some help. So my neighbour has just built a porch that extends out from his house and today they have put the guttering up and they want to run the pipe down the house over the wall and into our shared drain. No we share the rain water from the main roofs into our gully at...
  19. mariogg

    L shaped dormer tiling - inside corners flashing

    I’m tiling the dormer using concrete plain tiles, but I’m stuck on the inside corners. On the outside corners I used the 90° tile corners that come in pairs for left and right but on the inside, what type of flashing do i need? Specific type of soakers? I know you can get inside corner tiles...
  20. S

    Help with Roof

    It seems like we have rats in the house - can hear scratching on the ceilings. I've recently had the house refurbished (somewhat badly in areas) and found a gap between the facia and the wall. It's probably too large to caulk so does anyone have any ideas how I can fill it??