1. mariogg

    L shaped dormer tiling - inside corners flashing

    I’m tiling the dormer using concrete plain tiles, but I’m stuck on the inside corners. On the outside corners I used the 90° tile corners that come in pairs for left and right but on the inside, what type of flashing do i need? Specific type of soakers? I know you can get inside corner tiles...
  2. S

    Help with Roof

    It seems like we have rats in the house - can hear scratching on the ceilings. I've recently had the house refurbished (somewhat badly in areas) and found a gap between the facia and the wall. It's probably too large to caulk so does anyone have any ideas how I can fill it??
  3. S

    Coping stones too wide?

    Hello, last year we had our roof redone and the size of the coping stones has been bothering us. A different builder as now commented on them too. Can you comment on whether the coping stones pictured are dangerously wide for the parapet and need to be replaced with narrower ones to avoid the...
  4. H

    Cracked roof slates

    I recently had my house re roofed using Brazilian slate. Now after a month or so I can see lots of slates cracking at the corners (see photos). The roofer is highly experienced and regarded. Is this likely to be the result of inferior slates, or is there another possible cause. It would be...
  5. S

    Can Fibre Cement Slate Tiles have a cut edge exposed to the elements?

    Hi All Just about to repair a small section of a roof that when measured will need double size tiles (600x600) cut down to a standard tile and a half size (450x600) so they finish in line with the end of the house and the other tiles. My question is, is it ok to leave an exposed cut edge of the...
  6. W

    Ventilation ideas for loft

    Hi there. I'm looking for some advice related to an issue with our loft if that's ok. Our house is around 300 years old with the original stone roof (not listed). It has two loft cavities with an exterior wall running through the centre of the house. Since moving in 3 years ago we have done...
  7. C

    Attaching old tiles with no nibs

    Our 100-year-old tiled roof has no underfelt and a few tiles are starting to slip, so I guess it's time to re-roof with new breathable felt and battens, using as many original tiles as possible to avoid losing its character. The old tiles seem generally sound; they have two holes, but they have...
  8. W

    Reinforcing a purlin thats ready to go...good idea?

    Hello! I found this forum from other "purlin nightmare" threads which had really good ideas. The roof section in question is an extension around 3m wide (completed around 15y ago) which is partly separated from the main attic by the old gable end, the main roof is built using trusses in the...
  9. V

    Quite urgent Roofing help please

    Hi, We had a big storm this week and I ended up with water running down from my bathroom ceiling down my wall. Having checked the tiles it appears that one tile along the edge (verge I believe it correct term) has broken and it's directly above the leak, so quite sure it's the issue. I am...
  10. J

    Lean-to wall strong enough for tiled roof?

    Hi all, I have a lean to with a corrugated plastic roof. I've been given enough concrete double roman tiles to cover the area and I feel I'm capable enough to replace the roof myself. The only thing I don't know is if the current lean-to wall will be strong enough to take the weight. It's a...
  11. S

    French barrel/Roman tiles

    Has anyone ever seen Spanish/French barrel tiles used in the UK for roofing? Seems a nice style but have never seen it used in this country and wondering why? Is it just not the fashion trends or is there something more serious regarding the materials, weather, etc? Images of tiles (sold at...
  12. A

    Leaking Shed Roof

    So, I have a fibreglass roof in my shed that is fixed to a pebbledash wall (that our shed and our neighbours shed share. And there is a lot of water ingress, but it looks as if it’s coming from the joining. I’ve peaked below the fibreglass flashing and looks as if even underneath that there is...
  13. mariogg

    Cavity trays on party wall & lead flashing

    Wondering if anyone can help, looking after some guidance please. I’m doing a loft conversion and currently reinstating the party wall edges. I had an issue with leaks prior to this and I believe it was due to having old concrete tiles on angle, without any lead flashing. I’ve attached a...
  14. Jono21

    Chimney flashing with offset ridge

    I am building my first roof and have some questions about flashing and ridge tiles. For the abutment (first photo), I plan to use cavity trays with integral lead flashing. For the other side (first photo), I am not sure how to form the flashing. The gap between the ridge and the chimney is 4.5”...
  15. M

    Painting galvanized metal roof

    Hi all I have a large garage roofed with corrugated galvanized metal sheets with four plastic corrugated roof lights. As some of the metal sheets were showing rust, I had it painted about four years ago. Following a power wash the painter used a coat of ZINNSER 1-2-3 primer followed by two...
  16. P

    Breather membrane under bitumen sheets?

    I'm putting corrugated bitumen sheets on the roof of a garden building. The roof is a pent design, with a pitch of 10 degrees, and is boarded with 18mm osb. Is it recommended to put a breather membrane on the osb before laying the bitumen sheets? Thanks
  17. V

    Help please before roofer starts work!! Is this sub-standard?

    deleted at OP request
  18. Samuel coe

    leaking roof

    Hello, I recently purchased an end of terrace Edwardian property. The roof is generally in good condition however upon looking in the the loft, found a few tears in the felt. These are only small so think I can patch them up. However, there is one which I am not sure how to sort and it is...
  19. R

    Flat Felt Roof

    Hello all, I have a flat felt roof Garage, which is in the middle of a large block. There’s a substantial amount of water ponding on top in a bottom corner. (I cleared this today along with cleaning out the guttering) There’s no guttering at the rear where the ponding is, only at the front so...
  20. R

    1950s Bungalow Chimney Leak - help me! :(

    Hi. I've joined this site as I bought a semi detached 1950s Bungalow April 2020. We have a converted garage extension on the side of the house where the chimney is, which has a flat roof (we have had this replaced since moving in as it was leaking) When we moved in we noticed 2 large damp...