rotted wood

  1. E

    Damp and rotting skirting board

    Hope this is the right forum category for this, apologies if not. Long story short... we had a shelving unit pushed up against a wall in the living room of the house, it's been there between one and two years. Moved it away recently and found a damp patch on the carpet around 1.5 ft long by 1...
  2. O

    Does this need to be rebuilt?

    I decided to finally deal with some blown plaster around a kitchen window, and ended up removing all of the plaster below one of the windows, which came away easily. Underneath, the brick seemed slightly damp, which is strange given all the hot weather we've had recently. At either ends the wood...
  3. G

    Can condensation from water mains rot joists ?

    Hi, My water main has a lot of condensation, I am wondering if that drips down to the floor joists it can cause it to rot?
  4. L

    Rotten garage door jamb

    The bottom part of my garage door jamb is quite badly rotten - pic attached and so I am planning on perhaps cutting it off at the joint that you can see at top of pic with something like a multitool and just do a straight swap with some new weather treated wood and protect it with a good...
  5. M

    There's a stream in my house

    Hi. I have just purchased a terraced house. Built circa 1890. It's in a row of 24 houses built on a relatively steep hill. The houses are built in pairs. Each pair is lower than the pair before as they step down the hill. I'm near the bottom. I'm situated so that, looking at the house, the house...
  6. robodelfy

    Soft part of floorboard, does it need treatment?

    I'm sorting out my bathroom floor, on top of these boards it will have ply and then vinyl tiles. This one board has a soft flakey area, I remember there was a crack in the old tiles around there so it must have got wet. I've scraped it back with to where it feels hard again. Do I need to...
  7. N

    Rotten wooden door

    I’ve recently moved into a property so it’s my first effort at any kind of DIY. One issue we have is that the garage side door has rotted at the bottom, it doesn’t look like it was provided suitable protection. What is the best way to do this? I’ve heard of epoxy fillers but will this be...
  8. D

    Damp penetration through wall rotting windows

    Hello I have a problem with rainwater penetration through a brick wall and the water is pooling and rotting the windows from the bottom up. I am not sure what to do?? The house is Edwardian and the wall is a SW facing gable end, 2 bricks think, no cavity. It was repointed 4 years ago and...
  9. oursurveysaid

    Damp Ground Under Floorboards

    Hi. I bought my Victorian end-of-terrace house 2 years ago and am still trying to solve a problem with dampness in the subfloor void. As you'd expect, this has caused a lot of damage to the timbers, mainly wet rot and wood beetle damage. Photos are here...
  10. L

    Help! Rotting subfloor in bathroom.

    I've recently moved into a new house. It's amazing in lots of ways (1860s ex Coach House with tonnes of character), but has had little work done to it since the 1980s. We maxed out to buy it really and so have been planning on doing it up gradually and doing as much DIY as possible. We recently...
  11. G

    Ant Invasion!

    The darn previous owner of my house simply painted over a couple of rotted areas by the patio door, which was infested with ants! I removed the rotted wood, sprayed the ants, replaced with new wood and placed traps to destroy the ant colony: