1. bettz1

    Fence rail rotten repairable?

    Hi noticed when fixing trellis to our fence that one part the top rail has started to rot. Anyone know if its repairable ive some 2 part rinseal wood filler spare or would it be best to cut another piece? Trouble with that is I'd have to ask the neighbour as it would need nailing in there side.
  2. M

    Rotten floors

    Hi, We took up the flooring on a house we've recently moved into (5 different layers of laminate and lino!) to find the floorboards and joists pretty rotten in places. We're going to replace all the joists and wall plates on top of the sleeper walls, but try and keep as many of the old...
  3. A

    Rotten joist and sill beam repair advice

    Hello After taking up a floorboard over a springy section of floor I have found 3 partially rotten joists ( last 4 inches or so) and most rotten of all the beam they sit on (i believe called a sill beam?). I am thinking to use bower beams to rectify and repair the joist ends. Any advice...
  4. 1

    Musty smell hallway/dining room

    Hello everyone, Newbie to DIYnot. Bought a house and it smells as soon as you walk through the door. Fine upstairs. At first we thought it was the newly painted dining room giving off a weird smell however I noticed a strong smell coming up from the boarded fire place that was used as a...
  5. G

    What flooring should I use in damp area ?

    My porch floor is particleboard which is sopping wet, rotten. it is tiled on top. I need to replace it asap , I'm not sure why it's so wet. Maybe I need to treat the joists too ? If so what with ? What's the most water resistant ? Should I replace with wooden floorboard ? Marine ply ? Water...
  6. R

    1930s Roof Support Beam Question

    Hello! DIyer here.. however this job seems beyond me.. I'd really appreciate some opinions on what you guys think would be a reasonable solution - some context/knowledge/insight, before I'm swamped in quotes. Or in the event I decide to do it myself. This is my mum's house, and the diagonal...
  7. C

    Fixing up an old shed

    Hi, I want to fix up this old shed.. I think the side has had leaves pile up from the trees, the bottom tongue and groove panel is totally rotten. The one above probably needs replacing too. They sell some the right size at B&Q? Inside the ceiling is all black - but doesn't seem rotten, but...