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    How to paint over knots

    So I have a staircase that is painted in yellowing white gloss, and covered in stains where knots have come through. I am planning to paint it with grey Dulux Satinwood which is oil based. How should I get rid of these knot stains for good before I paint over them? I heard Zissner B-I-N is good...
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    Painting satinwood over old gloss - losing my mind!

    Hi all! I am having an absolute headache trying to work out exactly how best to do this. I've spent hours researching and there seems to be so many conflicting comments out there. I wish to repaint all of the gloss in my house with a satinwood finish. There are several layers of paint on the...
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    Old Chestnut: Best Way to Apply Water Based Paint Over Oil Based?

    Yes, it's a well-discussed topic but after reading forums, articles and watching vids all over the place, I still can't find a satisfactory answer to this... Front door was painted with oil paint long ago, now there's almost no sheen left on it, it's quite chipped, a little cracked... I want to...
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    Best paint and prep for interior wood

    I've not painted a lot of interior wood so I'm trying to work out the minimum required work to get a decent result on my banister. It's currently painted in white gloss that's starting to bubble and peel, revealing old gloss paint underneath. In well worn parts you can see small strips of dark...