1. S

    En-suite Skim - SBR preferable to PVA?

    I will soon be skimming the ceiling of my en-suite and spotted a few comments about using SBR instead of PVA prior to the skim. Previously i've only ever used PVA, but then again i've never skimmed an area that is affected by humidity. I have both products in the garage and so is SBR the better...
  2. E

    Cement and SBR & a Lead Pipe

    Hey everyone, So I had a bit of a self-engineered ordeal yesterday. I was using an SBR slurry and a pot of 'U-Can Patch fill Concrete repair' to fill a small hole in a concrete slab before screed. Long story short, it ended up running over and some of it got on an out of use lead pipe. I...
  3. robodelfy

    Rendering small wall, mix by hand?

    Hi, sorry for any silly questions, first time rendering here! I'm getting a guy to come and plaster this wall, but he said I could save some money by doing a coat of render then a scratch coat, then he'd plaster. It's such a small job, how hard would it be to mix the render without power...
  4. C

    PVA, SBR or BondIt?

    I have a brick wall that I intend to install a bath against with a fixed shower head: I'll use either tile backer board (insulation + cement layer) or hardibacker with a tanking kit; attaching via dot and dab (plasterboard adhesive) and screws + washers to hold it in. However, what's the...
  5. R

    SBR & Cement Slurry for patio

    Hi, We have a very solid but rather ugly patio - several different materials have been used ( paving slabs, concrete, various repairs ) so the colours are very uneven. I'm guessing this is a silly idea because I haven't read about it anywhere, but could I just mix up a cement and SBR slurry and...
  6. K

    Preparing damaged wall for tanking

    Hi.. i'm sorting out my bathroom in my converted Victorian terrace flat to fit new shower etc, few damp issues which im in the process of sorting slowly. A company quoted for the following to be done: 1) To apply anti-sulphate onto the brickwork. 2) To plaster the wall with sand and cement...
  7. J

    Slate DPC, and max mortar bed size

    I'm doing a single story extension to a 1930's property with a slate DPC. The DPC mortar bed is approx 40mm thick. How should I go about matching this when tying in the extension to the original brickwork? What's the maximum depth mortar bed, and would I need to pack it out with something? A...
  8. G

    Painting on Tanking Slurry

    Hi, I am going to paint over tanking slurry with weather shield masonry paint. The slurry is pretty dusty though. Would it be wise to spray/paint with PVA/SBR bond first? Thanks in advance Graham